Saturday, October 15, 2011

Michigan Blows it

The wind blew

Borges game plan blew

Passes blew over the head of Michigan WR's

The kickoff to start the second half blew

The 4th and 1 in the 4th quarter blew chunks.

Some Michigan defenders tackles got nothing but air. 

True statements:  Michigan State played better and deserved to win the game.   Michigan State is a DIRTY team.  No doubt about it.  Gholsten should have been thrown out twice and is likely to get suspended from the Big Ten.    How many personal foul penalties did they get?  With that said, they made the plays and won the game as Michigan continued to shoot itself in the foot.

I thought the Michigan defense kept the Wolverines in the game.  The MSU offensive line played very  well.  Michigan didn't have any sacks.  Cousins made the throws he needed to and didn't make any bad decisions.  

Borges got way out coached by MSU's DC.    Was it the wind?  Was it Denard's missed throws?  It was like Borges didn't have a game plan.  Michigan had plenty of opportunities to score a ton of points in this game and they didn't.  Some of that was good defense but a lot of it was terrible play calls.

There is 4:00 left and your down by 1 touchdown and you have a RB at WR?  Are you freaking kidding me?  He knows what a hot read is?   Come on Borges, that is just terrible. 

BTW:  The QB rotation was just wasting downs.  We are all in with Denard win or lose.  Let him manage the game.  Do that sh*t against Minnesota and MAC teams not against MSU.

Borges isn't alone on bad coaching decisions.  That 2nd half kickoff, what was the point of that? 

How about a couple of reviews guys?  The MSU backwards pass.  I don't buy that Michigan didn't recover it right away.   The 3rd down pass to Gallon, I thought was a terrible spot.  Review it!    Hoke get a headset on, talk to the guys upstairs and make a decision! 

State was aggressive on defense, which gave Michigan problems but that was known going in.  The WR routes I saw on TV were too far down field.   There was never a quick outlet for Denard to throw. Where were the plays designed for an aggressive defense like screens and draws?

Borges lost this game and should take most of the blame in my mind.  MSU didn't do anything that wasn't expected and Michigan didn't do anything about it.    Terrible game plan, just awful. 

I am not disappointed that Michigan lost, I am upset on how they lost.  MSU did what MSU does (get penalties, turn the ball over and play good D) and Michigan didn't do one damn thing about it.  What a waste.  Take that damn countdown clock down because Borges didn't notice it was there.


JLaBelle said...

Could not have said it any better.. Completely agree 100%

Q said...


uncle ron said...

It's not losing the game that bothers me it's how we lost it. There are some major "opportunities" here for the Offensive line. How many times do you have to see the 2 MLB blitzing by you before you decide to pick them up? I swear I have seen DR throw the ball better in the last 2 years then what he is right now, so what's going on.
But don"t worry much about this game "they will be back".....and Mr. MD your day is coming you won't get away with your crap forever.

John said...

What a great learning experiene for Michigan's new coaching staff. Welcome to the Big Ten.
Every coach needs a coach; another pair of eyes & ears that provide performance feedback. The Big House Blog seems to be that coach today.

uncle ron said...


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