Monday, October 17, 2011

Michigan Monday: Bad Weekend for the Big Ten and The State's Top Teams

Lets first look at the Big Ten. 

2 out of their top 3 top teams lost games, both teams were undefeated.   MSU for the second straight year has seemed to have taken Denard Robinson out of the Heisman race and Illinois lost to OSU when they completed 1 pass.  Let me say that again, Ohio State completed 1 pass and Illinois couldn't stop the run all day. 

Penn State barley beat a poor Purdue team. 

Wisconsin looked like they played a high school team in Indiana. 

Northwestern and Iowa played a decent game.

MSU got a win over their instate rival Wolverines but had a number of personal foul penalties (5) and we will see if the Big Ten will suspended Will Gholston for his punch and late hit, twisting of Denard Robinson's face mask (2 personal fouls).   If you are wondering, neither of those plays are "playing hard or playing emotional" those are clear examples of playing dirty.  Gholston should be suspended at least for the Wisconsin game and should have been thrown out of the Michigan game.

How a bad weekend got worse:

  • Tigers get blown out in Game 6
  • The Lions lose to Jim Harbaugh and 49'ers in a close game.
Look at this weeks games:

Illinois at Purdue:  Look for a Zook hangover from the OSU game

Wisconsin at MSU:  ESPN Gameday in East Lansing for a prime time game.  Then Sparty goes on the road to Nebraska.  

Nebraska at Minnesota: = Bye week

Penn State at Northwestern:Watch out for the Wildcats here.  Persa can pick a team apart and PSU is having serious QB issues.

Indiana at Iowa:  Iowa easy.

Michigan and OSU have bye weeks. 

I sure hope Michigan gets some good news on the recruiting trail because it could be a long week of updates on the health of Troy and Denard.   If you feeling down about Sparty, they could easily lose their next two games. 


uncle ron said...

Sure glad we didn't decide on Harbaugh, talk about classless.....Go Blue and Go Brady!!!

Voice of Reason said...

Games like this shows us exactly what type of team we have, as well as the type of coaches. If this team is salvageable they will get better and play better against the power run that team will use against us; if not they will be gashed by everyone. Is Hoke and company trying to make chicken salad out of chicken dung? We'll see. They said they knew that MSU was going to run at them but couldn't stop them.

However, when we look on the bright side, it took RR three years to win six games in one season and it took Hoke six games. Be encouraged because no one expected Michigan to win the Big Ten or national championship this year anyway.

Voice of Reason said...

Regarding the dirty play of MSU, EVERYONE knew that it was going to happen, that is the way their players come into their program and they reflect their coaches. Bo, Carr and even Rich Rod all promoted and demanded character from their players, MSU doesn't.

If the Big Ten doesn't address it then it reflects the Big Ten, because as you've said, that's not football. It is those players that play with good character that will hang in there with you when things are the toughest.