Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wolverine Wednesday: Takes Another Hit In the Secondary

#13 Carvin Johnson has asked for a transfer and has left the team.  Carvin was an "off the radar" recruit that the Wolverines picked up two years ago.  He played Safety and got some considerable time during his freshman year. 

He seemed to read the writing on the wall.  Kovacs a walk on was playing at a high level and when he went down Troy Woolfolk was moved to his position.   The Wolverines are also recruiting some top guys in the 2012 class at his position. 

I liked Carvin and thought he was a solid football player and probably a even better person.  He just lacked the speed needed to play the position.   I always pull a little more for the guys that aren't highly recruited that seem to have a nice upside.  The rumor mill of course is saying he is heading to Pitt.  Surprise! 

This should give the Wolverines 28 spots in the 2012 class if they want to fill them all.

  • In related news, #1 safety prospect in the country Shaq Thompson is planning a visit to Ann Arbor for the OSU or Nebraska game.


Voice of Reason said...

You know, with a number of our dissatified players transfering to Pitt, it begs the question of tampering. But of course we all know better than that. "I'm not saying... I'm juss sayin!"

uncle ron said... know "Voice" I've been thinking the same thing the past month or so but never wanted to actually come out and say it, Thanks for saying it......

Bob said...

I agree and was thinking the same thing in April. :)