Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Breaking News: NCAA to Rule on OSU

At 3:00 today.  

Most expect the NCAA to accept OSU's self imposed penalty or add something "light weight" like maybe a year more probation or the loss of a couple more scholarships. 

There is plenty of buzz that the head of the NCAA and Gordon Gee and Gene Smith are all buddies and the reason Urban Meyer has been running around like a guy that knows something about the penalty or lack there of. 

I also expect Tressel to get a "Show Clause Penalty" that will not allow him to coach in college for at least a year.   Which OSU doesn't care about anymore.

We will see at 3.


uncle ron said...

This really, really sucks. After all the BS we had to go through and they freakin skate. Thanks National Communists Athletic Assoc. Sorry but just had to say it.

Voice of Reason said...

If the NCAA lets osu off the hook then the message to all of the colleges would be, "it's okay to cheat for some school but not for others." Let's face it, school like osu need to cheat to beat the better schools and that's why they do it. They've got no real chance on a level playing field. I have no doubt that the cheating hasn't stopped at osu, and why should it if this happens.