Monday, December 12, 2011

Michigan Monday: Updates The Recruiting Weekend

Let's get to the news on top of every one's mind, Brionte Dunn.   He took his visit to OSU this weekend and met some of the new coaches.   They tried to get him to re-confirm his commitment and no longer consider Michigan.  That did not happen and he will do an official visit to Ann Arbor next weekend.

The other big news is, he is no longer planning on being an early enrolle.  Which means it gives him more runway to make a decision (about a month).   Sam Webb, Scouts insider believes it has more to do getting his academic situation lined up in the next couple of days.   I think that delay could hurt Michigan more then it could help.   

  • Sam Grant, the new TE offer that visited Ann Arbor last weekend, said he has a lot to think about.  He is currently a BC commit.  

  • Darius Powe a WR that Michigan had offered committed to CAL this weekend.

  • Your next question is, does that commitment have any effect on Jordan Payton's timeline?  Doesn't seem like it and my opinion is that the Michigan coaches are looking in a different direction right now. Jordan visited CAL this weekend as well.   The rumor mill is saying that his family wants him to stay on the West Coast.

  • The Michigan coaches are out to see PSU soft commit (if at all) DB Armani Reeves.  I think they would like him to come out and visit Ann Arbor. 

  • The boards are saying that Yuri Wright did not enjoy his trip to Colorado this weekend.  He is planning on visiting Ann Arbor in early January. 

  • Michigan had a ton of commits visit this weekend and they all seemed to have a good time.   Many of them were trying to pick their roommates, etc. 

  • Side note: Darius Morris signed with the Lakers this weekend as well.  I wonder if he was happy to learn that Chris Paul was no longer headed to LA?


Maize said...

Darius Morris has to be super happy that CP3 is not going to be a Laker. Would have just hindered his playing time and possible development.

Brionte Dunn is still scheduled for his Official next weekend with Kalis. Dunn did not reconfirm his commitment to OHIO. That's very good news. And remember, even though Dunn will not be enrolling early, he still has to sign with someone in Feb unless he pulls a TP and doesn't sign at all. Still, I think UM is still in the driver's seat. He has more relationships with players going to Michigan, a staff that actually will use him for his god given talent as a runner, and a comfort level with the coaching staff he doesn't really have at OSU. The main question is if he really hearts Michigan. We know his heart, for the longest time, has been with OSU.

Voice of Reason said...

Another possible way of looking at the Brionte Dunn delay to "getting his academic situation lined up in the next couple of days," could be that he needs to get his grades together for Michigan. He wouldn't have to have good grades at all if he was planning to attend OSU.

Bob said...

VOR, Could be, though I think he wanted to enroll early. It could be a ACT/SAT score thing, it's hard to really know.

I think Michigan has a great chance with Dunn. The delay also gives OSU a few more weeks to find out what the NCAA is going to do them.

I always thought Dunn would announce close to Christmas and show up in Ann Arbor in January so he didn't have the listen to OSU fan go crazy on Facebook and Twitter.

If he brings Mom up to Ann Arbor this weekend, that is a really good sign.