Sunday, October 14, 2012

Illinois Post Game: TKO

Clay Matthews 2.0 from Melanie Maxwell
I want to provide you with some insight on what I saw on Saturday, but I can't. 

If yesterday was a heavyweight title fight it was over in the first round.  The only drama came when the champion hurt his hand because he was hitting the challenger's face too much.  TKO Round 1 - UMass played harder in the Big House.

Everything worked for the Wolverines against the punch-less Illini:

Offense:  353 yards on the ground and 174 through the air

Defense: 0 points and held Illinois to 134 total yards (13 yards in the second half)

Instead of cheers and jeers today, I will give you nothing but cheers:

  • Jake Ryan should be on All American lists.  He is very good. 
  • Congrats to Desmond Morgan on wearing #48 for the rest of his career at Michigan.  That is a huge honor.
  • Kenny Demens is back!
  • I liked what I saw from Rawls and Hayes in the backfield.  I hope they get more touches in the Big Ten.
  • Funchess continues to empress and is a walking miss-match.
  • Denard was Denard - another great performance.  If you can find a more exciting player in college football, you let me know who that is.  How about his numbers for playing less then 3 quarters?
  • I thought Bellomy looked pretty good in his back up role. 
  • Coaching A+ on both sides of the ball

Time to get back something we have lost for 4 years:  Instate Dominance.  Kick off is 3:30 next Saturday, BTN.

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