Monday, October 29, 2012

Michigan Monday: Protect The Little Brown Jug

So how was your weekend?  Saturday night was not a good night.  

  • Denard hurt.   Michigan's offense lays down, defense plays tough.  Lose to a pretty average Nebraska team.  
  • Tigers lose at home.  World Series over the next night.  Sweep
  • OSU beat up on Penn State
  • MSU shocks Wisconsin in overtime
  • ND is on course to the BSC title game after beating OK on the road
  • Even Rich Rod won as they upset USC
  • Minnesota who the Wolverines play this week, blows out Purdue. 
Hopefully you got some yard work done or something.  There has to be something positive that came out this past weekend. 

I am writing this post before Coach Hoke's press conference.  I assume he is going to say, "Denard is a little banged up and should be ready for Minnesota."   Here is the part I hope he says, "if he's not ready, then we will have Devin Gardner ready to take snaps".

I have to tell you I have been impressed with coach Hoke since his first press conference at Michigan.  He has done pretty much everything right.   He had a very good first year and had a ton of momentum going into year 2.   

With that said, the honeymoon is over.  This team seriously needs some leadership on the "other" side of the ball.  Nothing is working and if the answer for this week (if Denard is hurt) is to run Bellomy out there again, then I have a serious problem with his leadership and decision making.  Denard's injury reminds me of Henne's senior year when it seemed he never got healthy until the Citrus Bowl.

If Michigan travels to Minneapolis and doesn't put a similar beat down on the Golden Gophers like they handed Purdue on the road.  Then we have a serious problem.    This is a trophy game and that trophy needs to stay in Ann Arbor. 

Someone needs to step up and take responsibility for the failure that has become this offense.   The defense is now solid and in the capable hands of Greg Mattison, it's time to work on the offense.   It's easy to lead when things are going well and your beating OSU, recruiting your ass off and winning BCS games.  It's much harder when your star QB goes down and you throw the QB you stole from Purdue into the fire. 

It's time to see what these coaches are made of and if they can finish the season with out anymore losses. 

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