Thursday, December 13, 2012

Michigan Thursday: More 2013 Offers

Once the season ends the Michigan coaches get a chance to stop and think where their future strengths and weakness are at each position.   We then start seeing guys leave and some new offers go out.

A couple surprise position offers that have gone out lately is Linebacker and now Safety.   The rumor mill is spinning that injuries to Ringer and/or Poole could be severe and the coaches would like another speed LB in the 2013 class.   Michigan yesterday offered 4 star Safety Delano Hill from Cass Tech who is currently committed to Iowa.  (which is ok, since he is not a RB) 

Michigan is obviously still very high on Leon McQuay and was in home with his family this week.  Then they come home and offer Delano.   Are they related?  Could be.  Michigan also recently lost a DB in Conley as well.   This could also be another offer to keep the Cass Tech family/pipeline happy.  Not sure what this says about our current DB's on the roster.   On a side note, I sure hope Leon can make it to a Michigan practice in Tampa.  (I believe that is legal)

As we know, this weekend will be a big one for the current commits and a few prospects outside the 2013 class.  There are plenty of rumors floating around there could be a few surprise visitors this weekend.  We have heard one on the offensive side and one on the defensive side of the ball.   I guess we will see this weekend if the news breaks on who's in town. 

  • The Notre Dame game next year will be another night game.  Will they be the defending National Champions?  Will it be their last visit to the Big House?  Will this help in the recruitments of guys like Derrick Green? 

  • Kenny Lacy the OL and UCLA commit will not make it out this weekend and hopes to come out in January.  Many believe Kenny is pretty firm in his UCLA status.

  • Iowa RB and past Michigan recruit Greg Garmon is transferring. 

  • Ohio State coaches visited David Dawson yesterday.  Funny how the Buckeye coaches get to prospects before they head to Ann Arbor.


uncle ron said...

Where is Garmon transferring to?

Bob said...

No word yet on where he is going.