Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Michigan Tueseday: You Make the Hire

This blog is in support of replacing Michigan's current OC with a new coach.   I'm not buying the theory we need to see what he can do in his own offense.  Big Al lacks creativity and struggles with in game adjustments.  I'm not willing to invest 2-3 more seasons to see if he is smarter when he buys his own groceries, I believe he clearly can't cook. 

So if you were to replace Big Al after the bowl game.   Which of these two former Michigan coaches would you hire?

Scot Loeffler: 

  • Former Michigan QB
  • Former GA under Carr
  • QB coach at U of M from 2002-2007
  • Detroit Lions QB coach 2008
  • Florida Gators QB coach 2009-2010
  • Temple OC 2011
  • Auburn OC 2012
Currently unemployed.

Cam Cameron:
  • GA under Bo from 1983-1984
  • Michigan QB and WR coach from 1985-1993
  • Washington Redskins QB coach from 1994-1996
  • Indiana head coach from 1997-2001
  • San Diego Chargers OC from 2002-2006
  • Miami Dolphins head coach 2007
  • Baltimore Ravens OC from 2008-2012
Cam was let go this week and currently unemployed.

One guy is young with a higher upside in Scot but Cam brings a ton of experience and has been successful as an OC at pretty much all of his stops. 

 You make the call.  If you have another suggestion but it in the comments. 

  • Your #3 ranked basketball teams plays tonight on BTN.

  • Jonathan Hankins is planning on entering the NFL.  Which is good news.  Thanks again RR!

  • Taylor Lewan was named an ESPN All American.

  • Coach Hoke and Montgomery were in home with Leon McQuay and family for lunch yesterday.  Reports are the visit went well.  USC was in home with Leon on Monday night.

  • Michigan has offered 2013 CB Reon Dawson from Trotwood-Madison in Ohio.  He is visiting Illinois this weekend and plans to visit A2 in January.  Reon is a verbal commit to Illinois.

  • Reon's teammate and Michigan commit LB Mike McCray had surgery on Monday to repair a torn labrum.  It's about a 4 month rehab and he will be 100% by the time he hits Ann Arbor for his freshman year.  He will miss the Army All American game.


uncle ron said...

Scott Loeffler.....

John Agno said...

Both are experienced OCs and a needed improvement.

Caleb said...

Neither one is better than Borges. What has Loeffler done? Worked with John Brantley at Florida? Name one player he has developed?

Cam Cameron is being ridiculed for the exact same reasons as you are crucifying Borges. I am definitely one that says to be patient. He was given a running back to play quarterback and the offensive line only had three good guys. The LG and the C were atrocious all season. Bad lines and bad qb play will make any coordinator look poor.

Bob said...

per his Wikipedia site:

Loeffler has served as position coach for a number of prominent players over his career. Loeffler was the college quarterbacks coach to future NFL Draft picks Tom Brady, Tim Tebow, Brian Griese, Chad Henne, Drew Henson and John Navarre. The players have started over 300 regular-season NFL games and garnered a combined four Super Bowl rings as pros.

maize n blue blood said...

agreed bob!!!!!! i see scott as the qb coach only. you must know your roll in life. i believe scott's roll at this point is qb coach which he has been great at MICHIGAN. maybe he can learn the x's & o's and graduate to that position cause ab looks to fail real soon as the OC.

i would prefer hoke hire UT VOLS ex-OC, jim chaney, because he has an impressive resume' and ran a great pro-style offensive. Chaney as 1 qb & 3 wr's that can go between rounds 1 & 2 of the draft.

So i vote Chaney as the OC. and Loeffler can be his under study.

Last but no least: FIRE FUNK and bring in Cameron Norcross as his replacement. The rb's behind Norcross' line have thousand yard seasons, something that we are missing.

But again we must wait 20 years for hoke to make these decisions.

Lionman said...


Lionman said...

Was it the poor line play or level of competition that made AB look bad last year? Gardner scrambled like a mad man against Minnesota but won the game...Denard threw a bunch of picks, and lost the critical games which I think was mostly due to pressure defenses. Maybe not Bigs fault...think it was the OLine and Hoke not putting Gardner in at QB against Neb. There's an old saying "speed & skill can outdo size & strength."
Anyhow, I like the resumes of both.

maize n blue blood said...

Fire funk and bring in Cameron Norcross, he's proven and needs to paid for his great work.

The game starts in the trenches and we are lacking on the offensive line in that department.

Lets get norcross in and then evaluate big al scheme, but for now gets a pass until next season.

Voice of Reason said...

The very best candidates for Michigan's OC position will be prime candidates for head coaching positions elsewhere. Let's say if Michigan hired the unquestioned best OC in the country, how long would he stay? Maybe a year no more than two when something opens up. Then, Michigan would have to search for another coordinator, which would mean the team learning a completely new offensive system at least every other year.

Does that mean they shouldn't go for the best possible coordinator? No, it just means that they need to be aware of what they could be subjecting their team to.

Hoke has what seems to be a loyal staff that he feels comfortable with that he knows can produce a known product that he is comfortable with. That being said, that is probably why he will tolerate Big Al; knowing that if he gives him the players he needs then he will have a productive offense.

Greg Mattison is currently an exception to the above stated rule however, someone who loves Michigan and a friend of Hoke, who will most likely will retire from this position when he is done.

Caleb said...

Loeffler was never the QB coach for Brady or Griese! Although they were teammates. Grad assistants assist in specific areas and qb's were likely his area of expertise, but he wasn't the QB coach. He was a grad assistant/student assistant. Then left for more experience at Central Michigan. I will give you Henne and Navarre, so good call there.

Unknown said...

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