Monday, December 10, 2012

Michigan Monday: Early Recruiting and Heading to Tampa

Don't forget this weekend will be a big one for Michigan's 2013 class.   Many commitments will be making their official visit so they can watch a bowl practice.   With Conley off the table, Michigan will be looking to add 3 more players in this class.   Many players will want to announce at an All Star game at this point, so I don't expect any public commitments this weekend but there could be one or two private ones. 

-David Dawson coming back to Ann Arbor is probably the most likely. 

-Doesn't look like OL Cameron will make it to Ann Arbor this weekend.  His team is still in the playoffs and he was taken out of the playoff game this weekend. Centennial's standout lineman, Cameron Hunt, was sent to the sideline in the second half because of cramps. There were lots of other bumps and bruises for the Huskies. 

-Coach Hoke and Montgomery are visiting the McQuay household today.  This is a huge visit, Leon recently cancelled a trip out to USC and I believe Lane was doing his in-home this past weekend as well.  Leon is planning to enroll early, so he will need to make a decision in about a week or so.  He is planning on making his announcement during an all star game but will have to get all his paperwork etc. in so he can start classes in January.  There is also a recruiting quiet period around the holidays, so the visit tonight might be the tipping point for a decision.   As an FYI, coach Hoke has told LM3 if he comes to Ann Arbor he could wear #2. 

Want a quick list of players planning on enrolling early? :  Jake Butt, Dymonte Thomas, Kyle Bosch, Ross Douglas and Logan Tuley-Tillman.  Will LMIII be on that list as well?

Don't forget about Derrick Green, with coaching changes at his other leaders it would seem Michigan is in a strong position.

The Wolverines will be spending Christmas in Tampa.   They are planning on flying down on 12/23 and will be spending Christmas together as a team.   It will be nice for Denard to play his last game in the Maize and Blue in his home state.

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