Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Michigan Tuesday: Meeting Notes From the Bama Blow Out Club

Hello, everyone my name is John L. Smith and I will be running today's meeting.  I would like to remind everyone that you can say anything you want about Nick Saban or Alabama inside these walls.  This is a safe zone for all comments.   One side note, there is coffee and donuts in the back, you will also see a stack of papers next to the coffee.  It's my resume and I'm happy to answer any questions you might have. 

Before we get started, I would like to introduce our newest member, Notre Dame to the club today.  ND can you please address the crowd and talk about your blow out?

ND:  Good Morning Everyone, We are ND and we got blown out by Alabama last night. 

The Crowd:  Welcome ND! 

John L:  ND take your time and tell us what happened and the game specifics.  

ND:  Ok, well we lost 42-14, in the National Championship game last night.  

Michigan:  Don't worry ND, we lost by the same score to start the season.

Auburn:  At least you guys scored during the game,  we got beat 49-0

John L. We didn't score either and lost 52-0

Michigan:  ND at least you didn't have a choice to play Bama our AD scheduled our game. 

John L: Wait a minute!  Is it possible not to schedule Alabama? 

Auburn:  Only if you not in the SEC!  Arkansas is in the SEC.

John L:  Boy that Brett Bielema is a real brain surgeon to take that job, isn't he? Good luck with that decision. 

Michigan StateWell we hired Saban first as a head coach!

Missouri:  How many National Titles did he win there?

The Crowd:  Laughs

Tennessee:  Nobody remembers that and you also hired John L. Smith! 

John LWas that a compliment?  I think it was.  Not sure though.


Anonymous said...

Usually agree with your point of view for the most part, but ...

Think you are dead wrong about ducking 'Bama. If you wanna talk the talk, you gotta walk the walk. At Minnesota, they dropped their game with UNC because they were afraid to lose. Yes maybe you could find a better year to schedule it. The bottom line is Dave Brandon is the best thing that ever happened to Michigan in a while and he was a successful CEO and Michigan board member for a reason.

Bob said...

I understand your point but there are two teams that I would not have scheduled. 1- Alabama 2- Oregon.

When DB scheduled the game, we were either in year 5 of the RR experiment with a questionable defense or year 2 with a new coach. Neither which is good position for the Wolverines to beat one of the best teams in the country.

My point is, make sure it's a 100% a great deal for a win and revenue if you are giving up a home game to play in Dallas. I would have rather played Texas in Dallas then Bama. But that's just me.

I was against giving up a home game to play in Dallas altogether. I just don't see the upside and it just hurts season ticket holders. (were not a program that should be chasing a big check)

If you want to play Bama sign a home and home contract.

During the game last night, all I could think about is the ND fans that paid $1000's to seat near the field and watch their team get rolled. I'm sure a few Michigan fans thought the same way walking out of Jerry World.

Lionman said...

If we're ever gonna get better, we need to play more SEC teams during the year...but only after a few warm ups, and definitely home & home like you said. No one can hang with Bama in this day & age, they have the best recruits, but we'll get there. Go Blue!

Anonymous said...

The payout for the game in texas was essentially half of a home game's revenue if you count local business. Therefore it was equal revenue wise to half a home and home.

Think about this. Despite having an alumni base all around the planet, the LAST TIME we played a regular season away game against someone other than ND was against Oregon in Sept. 2003 !!! (almost a decade)

John Agno said...

David does know how to squeeze out $$$$ from season ticket holders and commercial products/services. Now UofM football is second in net worth to only Texas.

Regarding the promotion value of losing to Bama in the first game of the 2012 season, it only proved that Michigan was not up to SEC grade. Losing 5 games in one season is not acceptable.

Off season replacement of Offensive Coordinator is critical for Michigan football future.

Voice of Reason said...

Scheduling Alabama for the first game of this season was not a good idea. Even Ray Charles could see that the Michigan team that Rich Rodrigues had assembled was not going to be a strong team at that time. In fact, many sports pundits at that time were saying that Michigan simply didn’t have enough top level talent to compete with other top schools. If you remember, RR was losing to teams like Toledo and struggling with MAC level schools, so why would Dave Brandon want to sign up to play any top ten school let alone a team that was recently in the national championship game?

Brandon did his job when you consider promotional value and revenue for the school, however, the butt kicking that Michigan was going to receive could have done our program more harm than good. Brandon is a football man and should have seen that coming, so he fumbled the ball there.

However, I do agree with the premise that Michigan has got to play the bigger dogs of the world if they want to get better, and be seen as one; but when the nation sees another school making you their jailhouse girlfriend; it could hinder recruitment and your reputation. So what should he have done? I would suggest taking the “next step” up first and not shoot straight for the top. Don’t pick a fight with a Great Dane if you’re struggling with Chihuahuas.
PS., just something else to consider:
ND is a team that is a good year ahead of Michigan in their talent, implementation of their coaching systems and team development and yet they were still embarrassed. Yes, Alabama is an outstanding team, but look at Texas A&M, even with a new coaching staff, a frosh QB and with A&M coming from what is considered an inferior league, they were ready for their dog fight with Alabama. In other words, they still had the right pieces in place and were ready for that fight. David Brandon being a football man should have known that Michigan didn’t have those pieces together enough to schedule a game like that for this year. The distance between the two teams was too great. I think now Michigan is maybe a year or two away from being ready for the national discussion. However, they still have to be relevant in the B1G first. IMO

maize n blue blood said...

All this damn crying about when we should have or should not have played damn alabama. it's over and we were exposed. Our OC could have done better and did not. it's time to move on and learn from our mistakes, if we are smart enough to learn from them.

I think ab will be fine as long as he is not conservative.

bh needs to more aggressive when it comes to making decisions at critical times. i.e. notre dame and nebraska games.

last but not least we need to get a new offensive line coach.

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