Monday, January 7, 2013

Michigan Monday: Recruiting Next Steps

It's hard to believe we are less then a month away from signing day (2/6).   Michigan has some open spots and will try to fill them with the best kids available.   Here is my opinion of the top priorities for Michigan down the stretch.  Please note, the Michigan coaches have done a great job recruiting the past two years, if there is one knock on them it's how they have closed down the stretch.  Let's hope that trend dies this year. 

#1 Derrick Green RB- After watching the UA game (which looked like the NFL Pro Bowl) it was hard to watch any other High School All Star game without considering you are wasting your time.  I did watch a bit of Army All American game and what I saw of DG I liked very much!   He showed why he is the #1 RB in the country and runs with power and speed.   He is saying things like Michigan has a small lead and "he knows where he is going - but still wants to take a few visits".   DG is clearly Michigan's top priority the next 4 weeks. 

#2 Cameron Hunt OG- It was hard to see Cameron in the UA game but he seemed to play a lot.  I believe he is the coaches #1 prospect to fill the last offensive line spot.  Cameron will be in town on 1/11 and I believe he should be on commitment watch.  He is currently committed to Cal.  Cam was being recruited hard by the Michigan commits at the UA game.

#3 Reon Dawson DB - Reon is a teammate of current U of M commitment Mike McCray. Reon is a 6'2 175 pounds DB and the bigger size mold the Michigan coaches are looking for.   He is currently committed to Illinois and getting him on campus for a visit is very key.  I believe they are targeting the 11th as well for a visit.  

Where there's smoke there is fire

  • Sebastian Larue is a 4 star WR who just de-committed from USC.  He played in the UA game and there is a lot of talk about him visiting Ann Arbor in January.  TomVH from ESPN reports he spoke to the Michigan coaches about setting up a visit, so this could happen.  He is 5'10 175 pounds and a deep threat.

  • Reuben Foster is the top LB in the country - He is making noise that he might be interested in Michigan.   He is a 5 star player that lives in Auburn, Alabama.  He recently de-committed from Auburn.  My feeling here is Reuben is looking for opportunities with some of the bigger programs and might be fishing for an offer to visit, etc.   My gut here is he stays south and probably will never make it to campus.

The ship has sailed

Leon McQuay - picked a program without a defensive coordinator because they are in LA and have a huge music culture.   I'm guessing Snoop Dog ran into him on his recruiting visit.  I wonder how we can get Kid Rock and Eminem to spend more time in Ann Arbor?

Laquon Treadwell - unless something really changes he is not coming to Ann Arbor.  His recruiting cycle has been too long and sort of a nightmare.  It seems Michigan has one recruitment like this every year.  Glad he is off the board so they can focus on other talent. 

My Wish List 

#1: Derrick Green - he is a must get for the Wolverines. 
#2: A 4 star WR - We need a deep threat and a game changer at that position.  Larue or someone else but Michigan needs to close a WR in the next month.   I see this as a big gap right now. 
#3: Cameron Hunt - Lock up the best OL still on the board
#4: Dawson or another DB.  It was clear during the Outback Bowl Michigan needs more quality DB's.  Let's pick up the best available before 2/6.   If I were the Wolverine coaches, I would be getting in touch with 4 star DB Antonio Allen who is currently committed to IU and played very well in the Army All American game.   I hate to steal a recruit from a Big Ten school, but I'm guessing he might be interested in playing for Michigan.  (he does have an MSU offer)


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I hope we get Green...ND getting their butts kkicked. Go Blue!

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