Monday, February 4, 2013

Michigan Monday: Tough Stretch and Super Thoughts

Like I mentioned after the game, I'm really proud how Michigan's Basketball team is playing.   To go into Bloomington, get down big and still play a competitive game is a sign of good coaching, a little lack of experience, and a bunch of kids that keep their heads up and always believe they can win. 

Now on to the schedule, early in the Big Ten season some of us wondered where the MSU's, OSU's, Wisconsin's and Indiana's  of the world were on Michigan's schedule.  Well we found them.   Here is how Michigan's schedule finishes:

Tue., Feb. 5vs. Ohio State * TV
Sat., Feb. 9at Wisconsin * TV
Tue., Feb. 12at Michigan State * TV
Sun., Feb. 17vs. Penn State * TV
Sun., Feb. 24vs. Illinois (9) * TV
Wed., Feb. 27at Penn State * TV
Sat., Mar. 2vs. Michigan State (10) * TV
Sun., Mar. 3vs. Michigan State (10) * TV
Wed., Mar. 6at Purdue * TV
Sun., Mar. 10vs. Indiana (11) * TV

IU, OSU, Wisconsin and MSU is murders row.   Let's hope Michigan can win at home and steal a few on the road. 

  • Another 2014 QB prospect to keep an eye on is Wilton Speight who the Michigan coaches were just out to see.   Brady and Big Al have yet to give out a 2014 QB offer yet.   The top 3 candidates seem to be Wilton, Michael O'Connor and David Cornwell.

A few Super Bowl thoughts:

  • CBS production was pretty bad.  There was a ton of talking going into taped stories and the studio guys commentary was terrible.   Sharpe was clearly supporting his former team, Marino seemed like he was watching another game and Cowher was calling for SF to put in Alex Smith.  The booth of Nance and Simms pretty much took all the excitement out of the game.   I know Gus Johnson is with Fox now, but that is the kind of excitement that booth needed.  To their credit, they did do a nice job when the lights when out.  

  • The commercials were average.  The Go Daddy kissing was terrible but liked Paul Harvey Farmer and the Clydesdale one.

  • I liked the officiating as a whole and thought they let them play.   I think the 4th down pass was a clear holding call.  They called a similar call on SF on a Raven's 3rd down pass in the 4th quarter.

  • I thought Anquan Boldin was the MVP of the game.  He made some really good catches to keep drives going when the Ravens had lost momentum.

  • SF was clearly the better team after the black out.  They just couldn't score that last touchdown.

  • I can't confirm this, but I think I have bought a used car from Steve Bisciotti at some point in my life.

  • Ravens are a class organization to hire OJ Brigance and keeping him part of the team.  (I don't know the reason behind OJ's battle with ALS, but ALS has been tied to a history of head trauma and concussions- here is a small post I did on it in 2010)

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