Monday, April 29, 2013

Michigan Monday: Draft Dodgers

The NFL Draft came and went with only two Wolverines being selected and a number of other guys getting free agents contracts.  When the Draft started on Thursday night, I had really two goals for the former Wolverines:

  1. Denard to get drafted on Friday and not by the Oakland Raiders:  That didn't happen and he had to wait until the 5th round to get selected by the Jaguars.   I think Jacksonville is a good fit for a number of reasons; they need a ton of offense, Denard gets to go back to Florida and he seems to play better in warmer environments.   The downside is that Denard might have played his worst game as a Wolverine in Jacksonville's home stadium or the home of the Gator Bowl.
  2. Big Will gets drafted.   This happened and he is going to the Jets.  Not sure on the fit but we will see. 

The interesting thing for both Denard and Big Will is it seems neither will be playing the positions they thought they would be.  Denard was a QB in college but was in the draft as a WR.  Jacksonville tweeted they drafted Denard Robinson a running back.  The buzz from the media out of NY was the Jets drafted Big Will to be an offensive lineman.   Many colleges were recruiting Big Will as an offensive lineman when he was a senior in high school.

Here is a list of Wolverines and where they signed free agent contracts:

  • Craig Roh - Carolina Panther
  • Roy Roundtree - going home and playing for the Cincinnati Bengals
  • Elliott Mealer - New Orleans Saints
  • Jordan Kovacs- Miami Dolphins (I'm betting Stephen Ross watched a few Michigan games the last couple of years and made sure they signed Kovacs)
  • Patrick Omameh- San Francisco 49ers
  • Ricky Barnum- Washington Redskins
  • Kenny Demens- Houston Texans
  • Brandin Hawthorne- St. Louis Rams

How about the former Wolverines?

  • Surprisingly Mike Cox got drafted in the second to last pick in the 7th round.   Talk about a turn around.  He goes from the bottom of the depth chart, to transferring, to NFL Draft pick.
  • Darryl Stonum- Kansas City Chiefs
  • Dann O'Neill- Houston Texans
  • Update:  Sam McGuffie to the Raiders


Scott K said...

I could see Denard having a Tim Dwight type niche as a return guy..
Although having him line up in the backfield then going out in a pass route would be an instant mis-match with a LB trying to stay with him.

Denard and Jordan have the right attitude, I'll be shocked if they don't work their way into their rosters.

Squashman said...
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Squashman said...
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Squashman said...

I always thought Mike Cox had a great deal of raw talent. I don't think Michigan developed him into a premier running back, but then again it could have been the spread thing just didn't work for him and by the time Hoke showed up his time had passed.