Friday, August 23, 2013

Michigan Friday: Talking About Practice

Since AI decided to retire after being retired for like 3 years, I thought we could use his famous rant as today headline for some tidbits from practice:

  • As expected, Share Morris is the #2 QB behind Devin.
  • No starter yet at center seems to between Miller & Glasgow
  • 2 more days of camp before CMU week starts
  • Norfleet will return kicks and punts
  • 3 J's will take Amara's snaps:  Jeremy, Joe and Jehu
  • The Tom Brady visit was a surprise to the team

It seems Shane is getting a bit more comfortable in the pocket and in this offense.   I also like how Michigan ran the ball.   It seems I underestimated how much Justice Hayes we are going to see this year.   I now believe he will get a bunch of the #2 RB carries. 

  • Stevie Breaston got cut by the Saints this week, he might be heading for retirement.

  • Braylon Edwards roster spot seems to be hanging by a thread with the Jets right now.  He could be another guy that might have a hard time finding a job if this one doesn't work out.

  • If you get a minute please read this article on Michigan commitment Bryan Mone who is already a Man and soon to be a Michigan Man. 

  • Don't forget Michigan should have a commitment today on ESPN at 4:00!

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