Friday, August 2, 2013

Michigan Friday: Welcomes the Class of 2013!

We are getting close to football folks.  Freshman report on Saturday, returning players on Sunday and Camp starts on Monday.  

These freshman get the luxury of reporting on Sunday:  Dymonte Thomas, Jake Butt, Logan Tuley-Tillman, Ross Douglass, Kyle Bosch and Taco Charlton.   These players joined the team in January and participated in Spring Ball. 

I would imagine most of these guys have been on campus for awhile working out with their teammates but will be making their first official Michigan practice: Shane Morris, Patrick Kugler, Derrick Green, Chris Fox, Wyatt Shallman, Jaron Dukes, Mike McCray, Deveon Smith, Ben Gedeon, Jourdan Lewis, Maurice Hurst, Henry Poggi, David Dawson, Delano Hill, Dan Samuelson, Khalid Hill, Csont'e York, Da'Mario Jones, Channing Stribling, R. Dawson and Scott Sypniewski.

Good Luck to all the freshman and lets hope you have a big impact on the team this year and many years to come.

  • In the first pre-season poll, Michigan is ranked #17 and OSU #2.  Fine with me, they don't know what we have! 

  • Mgoblog got an interview with DaShawn Hand.  He has laid low on recruiting this summer and his top 3 is the same.

  • If you caught Brady Hoke on any of the ESPN platforms yesterday, I thought he did a really fine job.   I really enjoyed his interview on Highly Questionable.  They didn't ask one Michigan question and it was all about his family and playing at Ball State with his brother.

  • Denard is having some ball security issues at Jaguars camp.  So they are going to reduce his role a bit and maybe not have him return punts, etc.   This is something that could really hurt Denard's NFL career so lets hope he fixes this issue quickly.

  • It sounds like the Michigan Athletic Department is backing off the seat cushion ban.   Our "back sides" thank you.


Voice of Reason said...

In my humble opinion, I think one of the biggest mistakes Hoke and company did was not to ease Denard into a non-QB position a year earlier. We know that he wanted to play QB but the odds of him being an NFL QB was slim to none.

Someone should have pulled him aside and said, "Listen Denard..." because he needed to actually play the WR/RB/Return positions and get the timing and techniques down while under fire. A few games weren't enough. We weren't doing him any favors by letting him think he'd be fine making the transition as a (smurf) Michigan QB with no real experience. Now, it's possible that he may not even make an NFL team.

Devon should have been given the job earlier because IMO he was a better QB, maybe not as flashy but a truer QB.

Bob said...

I agree and will discuss more in my QB preview this week.

Scott K said...

Well, you can thank big al and his offensive genius for that....
I have yet to be impressed with the offensive coaching, what I saw was athleticism making questionable play calling succeed.