Thursday, December 12, 2013

Michigan Thursday: Hey Coach Your Hired!

  • EMU hired Drake head coach Chris Creighton.  The rumor is they did interview Mike Hart for the position.

  • Notre Dame DC Bob Diaco is taking the UConn job.  MSU DC Pat Narduzzi turned down the job.   ND has now lost their OC to Miami, OH and  DC to UConn.

  • Bryan Harsin from Arkansas State was hired at Boise State.   He was the former OC at Boise State.    Arkansas State seems to be the place to take a head coaching job before.

Come on folks, Michigan has an OC that could be a good fit at some of these schools!

Pat Narduzzi turning down UConn is interesting.  He must be thinking that there is a better job out there for him.   Some thinking is that if Sabin stays or goes, that Mark Dantonio might be a candidate for either Bama or Texas and Narduzzi would slip right into the MSU head coach position.

BTW, I think it's funny how people think Jim Harbaugh would ever be a candidate at Texas.  

  • Taylor Lewan is 2nd Team All American.  Probably a 1st teamer if the offensive line is better.

  • Coach Jackson was out to see weekend visitor RB Vic Enwere yesterday.   It seems the Wolverines are serious about adding Vic to the class.   He is currently committed to CAL.

  • Big commit visitor weekend planned,  they will get a chance to watch practice on Saturday. 

  • Michigan's #1 recruit left on the board, Malik McDowell is visiting Florida this weekend.


Chuck Carnahan said...

I sent big Al's resume to UConn.......had to lie a bit, hope it works. Instead of the 2 1/2 games of great play calling he had, I replaced games with years.....Hope nobody notices!

Big35Hurt said...


Scott K said...

well played Chuck.... but UConn saw big Al's play calling first hand this year.....
they'd be CRAZY to hire him after nearly beating him this season!

Voice of Reason said...

Other programs will let you know what they think of your coaching staff by the interest that they show in them when their vacancy opens up. It has been three seasons and as far as we know, there has been no interest. I've said it before, great position coaches and coordinators are hired away from you more so than mediocre ones.

Bob said...

Best comments of the year guys! Well Done!