Friday, March 14, 2014

Michigan Friday: Thinks Illinois

Indiana is a mystery to me.  Outside of MSU and Wisconsin they have given the Wolverines the most trouble this season in the Big Ten.   Then they go out and lose to Illinois by 10 yesterday afternoon.  

In a few hours, Michigan will get another shot to play Illinois who they just played over a week ago.   These teams only played once this year and Michigan clinched the Big Ten title with a 84-53 win.   Michigan hit every shot they looked at and shot them right out of the gym.  

Illinois is known for their defense and not for their shooting.   Which plays right into what Michigan likes to do.   The Wolverines are known for their offense and not known for their defense.   Like in pretty much any game, if Michigan shots the 3 ball well they are going to win the game, if they don't it will keep a gritty Illinois team in the game.

Illinois will try to force turnovers (which Michigan doesn't do very often) and guard the perimeter.  John Groce did win the battle of the John's in the NCAA a few year ago but I like Michigan a lot in this one and see a +10 victory. 

  • 5 star QB from California Josh Rosen is visiting A2 today.  He is announcing his decision next Thursday and expected to pick UCLA.   He is flying home right away to participate in a 7 on 7 this weekend.  

  • Wood signed a two year deal with Oakland.

  • 2015 LB Justin Hilliard will also be visiting on Saturday.  


Scott K said...

Wow.... That was a nail-biter, heart stopper... knock down, drag out slobberknocker!


uncle ron said...

Yea what Scott said….