Friday, July 24, 2015

Michigan Friday: Rumors, Reports, and Recall


  • A Mgoblog reader who says he is personal friends with Dennis Norfleet says he was not able to clear up his academic issues and will be playing D2 ball in Alabama this season.   Of course, this is just a rumor at this point.   If it's true, we will miss Dennis dancing before punts and kick offs.  He did a nice job as a returner and I wish we could have found away to get him the ball more often.   His bio is still up on
  • Sources told Maize n Brew on Thursday that former Wolverine Roy Roundtree will be named wide receiver coach at CSU-Pueblo. Roundtree will be joining former wide receiver coach Jeff Hecklinski, who coached Roundtree while on former head coach Brady Hoke's staff. Hecklinski is currently the passing game coordinator and quarterback coach for the Thunderwolves.  Glad to see Roy get a coaching job at such a young age!

  • OSU QB Braxton Miller is planning to play WR and Returner this year for the Buckeyes.  Strange he wouldn't transfer somewhere he could play QB.  I'm guessing this is a move to get him on the field and for a future position in the NFL.

  • 5 Star DL Nick Bosa committed to OSU yesterday to follow his brother Joey.  Could that effect Gary's decision and push him closer to A2?  Each program getting a 5 star d-lineman seems fair.  On a side note, do you remember when Hoke turned down Joey's commitment?  Fun Times.

  • Michigan weekend visitor, Four-star NJ WR Ahmir Mitchell will be in C-Bus today for Friday Night Lights.  I hope he is on commit watch for the Wolverines this weekend.  One WR spot left in the class.

  • In a new book about Saban, it looks like the coach might have jumped at Texas a year before Brown retired.  "The only way to get Saban to come to Texas, Hicks believed, was to get Brown's approval and even make it look like the entire thing was the Texas coach's idea," writes Burke. "He agreed to broach the topic with Brown."Hicks had lunch with Brown, but ultimately the coach "didn't want to retire," Hicks told Burke.
    "I am completely convinced that Saban would have come to Texas had Mack approved of the idea or had DeLoss (Dodds) fired Mack," Hall said.


Renard Anthony said...

Hoke turned down J. Bosa's commitment!?What was the reasoning behind that decision?

Scott Winar said...

Renard Anthony: I read it on this blog or MGOBLOG, that Bosa wanted to commit, but Hoke told him it was pre-mature, and think about it awhile... my wording is not an exact quote, but close to what supposedly happened... shows you the kind of mentality we were dealing with: no head phones, wasted practice time in meetings, under=utilization of practice time... to me the Bosa incident is the cherry on top of a Jim jones frozen Kool-Aid sundae.

Scott K said...

It certainly appears that Ahmir Mitchell is waiting for an offer from osu.

Bob said...

If I remember they had some recent DL commitments and didn't want to take anymore. It might have been Pipkins year, not sure. At the time, DL was a huge need and many thought taking another would have been smart. Turned out it would have been.