Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wolverine Wednesday: Has Less Then Nothing

There is little to no news right now on the Wolverine Front.  I will do my best to give you some type of interesting bullet points:

  • Craig Roh is now a starter in the CFL for the BC Lions.  I have watched a couple of games on ESPN and haven't seen Craig yet but did see former Wolverine Johnny Sears.

  • 3 star NC LB Jonathan Smith is expected in for the BBQ.  His top 5 are Duke, Michigan, NC State, North Carolina and Notre Dame.

  • 2016 NJ CB Jordan Fuller is expected to get back out and visit Michigan again this summer.  He was in for a visit in March and wants to get back again this summer.  DJ just took over as his main recruiter (from Chris Partridge).


M go Clean said...

Some questions I'd be interested in hearing the answers to in order to fill the news void.........When does Michigan's summer football practices start / what is the schedule? Also, any word out of Michigan's S&C program - How are guys coming, are any showing great progress, any comparisons with the previous regime, are they working on injury prevention (there was a huge upsurge in ACL's from the Barwis era to the Wellman era?

M go Clean said...

One more question......What is the status of Dennis Norfleet, anything new? Hope I've helped with some discussion fodder!

Scott Winar said...

Yeah...also does anyone train with Barwis or is that off-limits or something? Bob... how about an off-handed season record prediction (8-4?)or more?... you can adjust it throughout the season.