Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Michigan Tuesday: That Recruit Is Tough As Nails

Florida CB Antwaine Richardson committed to Michigan in June after preforming at the South Florida Michigan camp.   What we didn't know at the time was he had torn his ACL in May and participated in the camp and earned an offer.  I told [the Michigan coaching staff] I tore my ACL before I committed, so they knew what I was coming into," said Richardson. "They said, 'We'd still love to have you up here. Just rehab real good so you can get back to normal and start cutting the same.'"
"To me it felt good. That meant they really wanted me. Some schools would back off after they found out you tore your ACL, but they still wanted me."

Antwaine will miss his senior season but it must feel great to still have that scholarship locked up to Michigan.   He is also trying to enroll in January.   Let's hope he is a quick healer and can participate in Spring Ball.

  • Chris Daniels a Texas DT who recently visited Michigan said something I have never heard before:  But one thing that really stood out to me is they say you have a scholarship for life. You can come back and get a degree at any point. That really opened my mother's eyes. I don't know if that's her favorite now, but she really really likes them now."  I didn't know that and not sure that is a new policy or not. 

  • Remember these names:  Mike Weber and Bri'onte Dunn?  Both are trying to be the back up RB at OSU.  Mike has torn his meniscus and will miss the rest of camp and maybe a couple weeks of the season. 

  • Michael Jordan is expected to be on the sidelines of a Michigan Football game this season. 


Scott K said...

Lets hope its a game that a lot of top target recruits are at!

Brent McMordie said...

Michael Jordan the recruit? or the G.O.A.T.?

Bob said...