Friday, January 8, 2016

Michigan Friday: John Baxter Heads Back To USC

You knew something was going to happen on Jimmy's staff.   DJ wanted to hire Chris Partridge and it was clear there was some type of hand shake agreement between Jimmy and Chris that he would get an on-field coaching job next season.   Chris had temporarily been an on field coach for the bowl practices.   The rumor is that Devin Bush, Sr. might fill Chris's role on the non-coaching staff as the recruiting coordinator.

The next question you might have is, did Jimmy push Baxter out or did John want to be back in California with his family?   It could have been a little bit of both.  I thought our special teams got better this year, but the lowlight of the season was a special teams error.   I don't think it really matters and getting another good coach on the field is a plus for the Wolverines.

  • Jake Rudock, Graham Glasgow and Joe Bolden all got invited to the Shrine All Star Game.  

  • Brady Hoke seems to be a candidate for the DC role at Oregon.  Brady has never been a DC in college and I'm pretty sure the Ducks play basketball on grass.  Brady is a good guy and needs a job but I'm not sure this is a good fit.   BTW:  Ball State hired an assistant coach from the New Orleans Saints for their head coaching position.

  • LeVert was out last night and so were the Wolverines against a good Purdue team on the road.

  • GA Athlete Mecole Hardman Jr. who many believe is a long shot for the Wolverines said some nice things about the Wolverines during AA practice: “Michigan is great,” said Hardman.  “Coach Harbaugh and Coach Partridge and the guys make up a great coaching staff.  They’re doing great things with the program, especially for their first year.  They offer a great education and football program.”

Hopefully Michigan gets some good news during the AA game on Saturday.   Crawford's announcement is the one to watch.    Hit the link for other players of interest for the Wolverines.


dude1984 said...
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dude1984 said...

I don't see Hoke as a DC. He should either find a HC gig for an FCS or non-power 5 FBS team, or look for an elite FBS team or NFL team that needs a D-Line coach.

Big35Hurt said...

After watching the Army All American game.....Looks like we came out way ahead in getting Crawford instead of Corley. Peters did hook up once on a nice play to Corley, but Crawford has more burst and really looks dangerous when he has the ball. He looks like a much better player. One thing that I found interesting was Corley saying that D'Antonio told him he could play both offense and defense. That will prove to be a lie.

Bob said...

I agree Big35, I really like Crawford's route running. I also liked David Long on that pick in end zone. Peters needs some work, but he is going to the right coach!