Thursday, April 14, 2016

Michigan Thursday: Drake Johnson Gets Injured in the Track and Field Building
In an un-believable report it seems that Drake Johnson got hit by a forklift in the Track and Field building.   Sam Webb has confirmed that he was hurt and the details are coming in from internet, which of course are just rumors.  The internet is saying he was stretching with headphones on and the forklift was carrying a load.  The driver could not see Drake and ran in to him.  The extent of his injuries are not known. 

I hope he is doing well as it sounds like he is in the hospital.   I'm sure we will get more details as they come available.

Jimmy at the Migos concert, I guess he was also on stage.


ScottyDoggs said...

OMG... heavy equipment takes no prisoners... no right to drive it around people when you can not see... need a spotter... I tell ya, it's worse than getting run over by a herd of fat momma's... It all seriousness it could be very grave, with no reports coming out. I am scared for him, until I know more. Especially dangerous with all four tires probably large (the outdoor kind), probably ran over him... and they are heavy, to pick-up, 4000 lbs. and not tip (the stronger ones).driving it and can not see ahead; that is as stupid as that last Teaxas A&m bonfire that collapsed... if you can not see ahead my friend''' go backwards ahole!

Scott K said...

apparently Harbaugh was quoted as saying Drake will be out a couple weeks.

That's a very positive report, considering a forklift was involved.

dude1984 said...

Man this dude has some terrible luck, although he was lucky to get a more serious injury.