Friday, August 19, 2016

Michigan Friday: A Butt Above

Jake Butt is getting a ton of press these days, as he should.   He is one of the best Tight Ends in the country and his last name is very similar to the position he plays.  

ESPN took notice and did a nice write up Jake and his family.   They all seem to embrace their last name and even have fun with it on some custom 88 jerseys.

Even Jimmy Fallon and his "Tonight Show" writers have made their wisecracks over his name. Last December, after Butt claimed the Big Ten tight end of the year award, Fallon dedicated a full minute of his opening monologue to some rapid-fire, bottom-shelf humor.

"Other tight ends are mad, but they don't want to make a big stink about it," Fallon deadpanned. "Butt would brag, but he doesn't want to toot his own horn."

Jake on his last name:

"I love it so much," he said. "I think that's one of my greatest traits. It has really allowed me to grow my platform and build my brand."

His sprawling family loves the Butt brand, too. They're easy to spot at any Michigan game. As many as 50 of them tailgate together while wearing versions of Jake's jersey, sporting his perfectly rounded No. 88 along with a fanny pack full of puns.

His father, Rob, goes with either "Head Butt" or "Papa Butt." Other family members wear jerseys such as "I Like Big Butt," "Nice Butt" and "Kick Butt." One of Jake's aunts, Theresa, added an apostrophe to her name to make her jersey read "There's a Butt."

"We taught our kids at an early age to just have fun with it," Rob Butt said. "The whole family, we just enjoy the silliness of it."

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