Friday, December 16, 2016

Michigan Friday: Gets One 5 Star - Loses One

Last night was a good night for the Wolverines, a future Wolverine on the basketball court was hitting some incredible 3's and even though ESPN said DPJ was announcing at half time, the announcement after the game was worth the wait. 

Donovan Peoples - Jones might be the highest rated player to come out of the state since Drew Henson or Wheat Sr.  There weren't many recruiting sites when Drew was a senior but he was considered the #1 player in the nation that year.  DPJ is a 5 star to all services, minus ESPN (who has him the #27 player but a 4 star).  All the services have him in the top 32 and 24/7 has him rated the 8th player in the nation.   This is a smart kid that wants to study Pre-Med had took a quick internship at U of M hospital last summer.  His father is a doctor. 

This was a must win for the Wolverines as they couldn't miss out on a position of need and a 5 star in their own backyard.   He is a kid with really no weakness: he is big (6'2 and 200), fast(4.4), smart, and a great athlete.

I won't list all his offers because a player of this quality can go anywhere he wants.  His final schools were FSU, OSU, MSU and the Maize and Blue.  Michigan now has 3 WR's in the fold and will hold out until signing day for Alabama 4 star Nico Collins.

  • Isaiah Wilson picked Georgia this morning.  Shoot.


Big35Hurt said...

Not getting Wilson is a big loss. Bottom line is this, for Jimmy''s offense to work as well as possible, we need some big bad road graders up front making holes for the running game. It looks like we are getting MUCH better and MUCH more talented at the skill positions, but in the end, the OLine has to be good for this whole thing to work and the Ohio State game was a perfect example why we have to be able to run the ball to win big games.

Big35Hurt said...

Let's hope we get Ruiz locked down on Monday.

Bob said...

Passing on Banks right now doesn't look like a great decision.

Scott K said...

it is a little frustrating, but it appears GA learned from Jim..... Poly Prep's coach is reportedly being hired by UGA.

You have to believe the coaching staff isn't nearly as blind sided by this as we all are. Look at the Weber situation, this kind of thing happens EVERY year, to every team. When Harris commits to Michigan, 'bama will be the ones going .... what the hell happened?

Maybe leatherwood is going to flip and make it all better. No matter who comes to A2 and who decides not to, JH and staff are tireless recruiters, they're going to get players, top quality players, and give them the tools and development required to play at the highest level. it's going to be ok.

Bob said...

Plenty of time for Jimmy to find a replacement, maybe not a 5 star but he will get a good player.

Voice of Reason said...

I agree, but all that glimmers isn't gold...and sometimes there are diamonds in the ruff that will shine in time. When we look at Jake Ryan, he was Scouts' 3* and was not in their overall top group (NR) and was 81st in the OLB position and he turned out pretty well. Ben Braden, NR and 40th in his position; Willie Henry, NR and 38th; Wilton Speight, NR and 30th; Channing Stribling, NR and 32nd; Grant Newsome, NR and 32nd; Devin Bush, jr. NR and 14th; Jeremy Clark, NR and 71st; Jehu Chesson, NR and 82nd; Matt Godin, NR and 31st; Chris Wormley, 164, and 21st; Taco Charlton, 174, and 21st; Maurice Hurst, jr., 139, and 14th; this is just to name a few, meaning that all of the stars and rankings aren't the last word here. These are/were made into major contributors to this team's success.

The 2017 offensive line will have access to Mason Cole, Patrick Kugler, Ben Bredeson, Michael Onwenu, (Grant Newsome), on which to build and I wouldn't be surprised if an unexpected red shirt or two to steps up and becomes a part of the rotation. What I am saying is that with Coach Harbaugh's record, I for one have learned to trust the process. He and his staff have evaluated everyone that they've given a commit-able offer to and that tells me that they feel that they can develop them and have them up and running able to compete. It's interesting when you think about how the Michigan staff were not recruiting Aaron Banks hard to the point where they've let him go to ND, but yet they've readily accepted the commitment from the Stueber, Honigford and Hall. That tells me that they've rated them above Banks. I trust their judgement here.

I am not happy with losing Isaiah Wilson but I am glad we got Donavan Peoples-Jones whom I'd rather have if given the choice between the two. I believe the Michigan staff will fill the OL slots with players with great skill and potential that they can make into All B1G players no matter where they're ranked when recruited. Have faith...INHO!!!

Mike Tebbe said...
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Mike Tebbe said...

Chuck Filiaga is now the top OT target.

Ruiz is all M

Still a ton of talent to get Singleton, Collins, Anthony, Irving Bey all look like a solid lock.

Still a chance of flipping Harris, and getting either Solomon or Tufele

Big35Hurt said...

By the way, has anyone watched Brad Hawkins' highlight video on youtube? This kid is FIRE! If we can get Najee, which I think we can, we will be loaded with skill players for sure. I have a feeling that Dillon left because he was told Najee is a silent commit.