Monday, March 20, 2017

Michigan Monday: The Basketball Team Gets Moe Wins!

     Robin Buckson, Detroit News

Yesterday, Moe Wagner earned:
  • Moe Basketball as the team advances to the Sweet 16
  • Moe exposure, for a team that struggled early in the Big Ten season
  • Moe excitement as the Louisville game was back and forth
  • Moe money, hopefully he will come back but Moe Wagner is rising up draft boards
During the first half of yesterdays game, I thought Michigan was playing an NBA team.  Louisville had length at every position.   I can't remember a game where Michigan didn't want to shoot 3's because the other team was so long.  At half time, I thought Michigan needed a 20 point half from Walton and a 15 point half from Irvin to win this game.    If the 3's don't drop Michigan might get blown out. 

Walton finished with 10 points on the night and Irvin had 11.   The team was 6-17 from 3 point range for the entire game.   If you look at the box score and didn't watch the game, those lines normally would equal DOOM.  

It didn't and Moe Wagner wanted to prove he was the best big in a forest of bigs on the floor.   He scored 26 points by getting mismatches, driving to the basket and shooting a couple of 3's.   DJ had another great game and added 17 points.  

Robinson didn't score and looked like he ran into a Mike Tyson punch.   That is one of the worst black eyes I have seen in a long time.   My guess is,  his vision was not sharp and neither was his jumper.  

Michigan's bench scored 3 points, MAAR - Walton - Irvin - Robinson combined to score 27 points and Michigan won the game.  

Hat tip to Coach B and his staff !

Michigan plays Oregon on Thursday night, lets hope they continue this streak and get Moe wins!

  • On a side note, the Michigan - OK State game looked like an NBA game on Friday.   Lots of scoring and not much defense.   Illinois loved the game so much, the next day they hired OK. State's head coach.

  • Michigan Basketball commit, Isaiah Livers has been named the 2016-2017 Gatorade Boys Basketball Player of the Year in Michigan!

  • Sounds like Brady is getting his Super Bowl jersey back.  Sounds like a sticky fingers from the international media might have taken it.    The FBI and NFL Security tracked it down.  


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