Friday, April 28, 2017

Michigan Friday: Peppers to Cleveland and Taco to Dallas

Usually, I don't applaud anything that the Browns do, last night I did as they picked Jabrill late in round one with the 25th pick.   Three picks later Dallas picked up Taco with the 28th pick.  

This is a win for the players and the Michigan program.   I know both guys wanted to go higher but all that anyone will remember is that they were first round picks.   Congratulations to both guys!

I like that Jabrill will get to work with Greg Williams who will find a way to use his talents and a pass rusher is a huge need for the Cowboys.   It's also good that Pep will only be a few hours away from campus if he needs support or wants to come back to A2 for a game.

  • Peppers released the practice video of him pulling a hamstring before the Orange Bowl.  This should silence the "he sat out" conversations.

  • I expect to see Worm go pretty early today in Round 2.   I thought this is also the day we were going to see Jourdan Lewis, but after his charges, I'm not sure where he will be picked now.   Hopefully, Jake will go in Round 2.   I believe he has an insurance policy that he can collect on if he drops past the second round.   (I have also heard those policy's are hard to collect on, but with his ACL injury it would seem to be pretty cut and dry)

  • Mark May is out at ESPN, per the layoffs this week.   Even though Trey Wingo has been doing the second and third day of the drafts for many years, I thought he struggled in the big seat last night.

  • Yesterday Dennis Norfleet signed with the CFL's Saskatchewan Roughriders.

  • Dalvin Cook didn't get drafted in round 1 after he ran through Michigan's defense in South Florida and MSU's Malik McDowell was at the draft but didn't get selected.

  • Reports are former Michigan Basketball Player Mark Donnal is heading to Clemson.

  • Reports are starting to leak out that Jimmy and Staff will do a co-camp in GA at Valdosta State and one with UCLA in LA.

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ScottyDoggs said...

Too bad about Mark May, probably back to hum-drum real life... miss the famous battles between Mark and Lou Holt; some were classics.