Monday, May 1, 2017

Michigan Monday: Wolverine Draft Re-Cap

Jimmy and Staff did two great things for recruiting this weekend.  

#1 Rome Trip
#2 Getting 11 Players selected in the NFL Draft

This is just getting started folks.  Jimmy is going to turn out professionals every year and young players are going to be very attracted to that fact.    Lets take a quick look at where each Wolverine ended up.

Round 1:

Taco to Dallas:  A great fit for a position of need.  I expect to see Taco early and often as a rookie.

Pep to Cleveland:  Normally getting drafted by the Browns is not a good thing.   I think Peppers will fit in this defense and has a DC that will find multiple roles for him.   

Round 3:

Chris Wormley to the Ravens:  Do you think the Ravens had good information on Worm?  His position coach is the former DC for the Ravens and I hear the head coaches are related.  :)

Jordan Lewis to the Cowboys:  Another great fit for Cowboys for a position of need.  Jourdan will get a chance early in Dallas. 

Delano Hill to the Seahawks:  This pick surprised me and very happy that Delano got picked this early.   He will have a chance to learn behind some of the best in the business.  

Amara Darboh to the Seahawks:  I'm so happy for Darboh, he is a great kid, with a great story and going to a team that needs wide receivers.    I feel like he is going to have a Jason Avant type of career in the NFL. 

Round 4:

Ben Gedeon to the Vikings:  This seems like a perfect spot for Ben.  In my mind, I compare it to Jake Ryan in Green Bay. 

Ryan Glasgow to the Bengals:  Love that both brothers got drafted after walking-on at Michigan.   I hope Ryan has a long career in Cincinnati which is small town trapped in large city. 

Jehu Chesson to the Chiefs:  We all know Jehu had a better 2015 then 2016.   I think Andy Reid will find a way to use Chesson and this seems like another good fit.  He will have to work for playing time, but love his upside with KC. 

Round 5:

Jake Butt to the Broncos:  I hated watching Jake go down in the Orange Bowl.   He dropped from a late first rounder/second round guy to a 5th rounder.   He had an insurance policy that will pay him $500,000 but that ACL injury cost him millions.    The good news is he is going to a great NFL program that will give him time to heal.  Jake will be a pro bowl TE in a few years.

Round 6:

Jeremy Clark to the Jets:  I loved that the Jets took a risk on JC.  I hope he is healthy going into camp, so that he has a chance to win a job and maybe even a role in special teams.

Free Agents:

Erik Magnuson to the 49'ers

Matt Godin to the Texans

Dymonte Thomas to the Broncos

Kyle Kalis to the Redskins

Channing Stribling to the Browns

Kenny Allen (as a punter) to the Ravens

DeVeon Smith to the Dolphins

That is 18 players to the NFL if your keeping score at home! 


Scott K said...

With the 24th pick in the 2017 NFL draft, the Raiders select Gareon Conely, rapist, from ohio state university.....

Tim said...

Speaking of Ohio State, Noah Brown, wow. What a story. A red-shirt sophomore leaves with two years of eligibility remaining...and gets drafted middle of 7th round.

He either received very poor advice or didn't get any at all.

ScottyDoggs said...

Did not think about it, but your right, all these Michigan NFL draftees make recruiting all the better.

Anybody else having a hard time trying to post? Next thing I will be required to go thru a hoop like a walrus. ARF...ARF! or whatever walruses say....

ScottyDoggs said...

To Scott K. I remember (80's?), when about 4 or five Ohio State players Gang-raped a female student (I believe), they got off saying they paid her money... quite disgusting.

Scott K said...

Tim......they don't go there to play school.... i'm not sure urban concerns himself with gpa.