Thursday, June 29, 2017

Michigan Thursday: Has News Worthy Bullets

  • Grant Perry has pleaded guilty for assault and resisting arrest. The sexual assault and alcohol charges were dropped.  Most likely Grant will be put in the youth diversion program and his record would be wiped clean if he does his community service and stays out of trouble for a number of years.   I expect he might miss a few more games before he is fully re-instated.

  • 2018 East Lansing Power Forward Brandon Johns in announcing his commitment at 1:00 Today.  I like Michigan's chances!

  • Drake Johnson got a 6th year from the NCAA yesterday.  It's still up in the air if that year will be spent in Ann Arbor or at another school.

  • Michigan has offered 2019 QB Michael Johnson Jr.

  • Nike's Opening is this weekend.   24/7 has a slide show of the Michigan prospects attending.


Dvzk said...

Love this blog, it's like the drudge of michigan football, no need to Scour the net for my Michigan fix keep up the good work! Only one improvement I'd suggest, drop your real life and post 7 days a week haha haha jk jk

ScottyDoggs said...

Agree with Dvzk 111%, but Bob should post like the beatles song "Eight days a week".

Scott K said...

Alright.. so in addition to: The best players in ohio walk on at Michigan, Matt Brown t-shirt I'm going to have to make some: The best players in east lansing play basketball for Michigan, Brandon Johns t-shirts. As soon as they both have jersey numbers i'll start taking pre-orders.

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