Thursday, July 6, 2017

Michigan Thursday: Impact On Defense 2017

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It's pretty clear on who we expect to make an impact on defense next year.  I will give you my take and also look at guys that could surprise us as well.

Impact Expected:
  1. Rashan Gary - #1 Recruit got a ton of playing time as a true freshman.  His ceiling could be a very high NFL draft pick.   We all expect a "Clowney" type of year from this talented young DE.
  2. Mo Hurst - Big Mo could have elected to go to the NFL Draft but decided to come back for his senior year.   He is expected to be All Big Ten type of player a run stopper and get a few sacks.
  3. Chase Winovich surprised a few of us last year on how fast he got to the QB. He could have a great year with double digit sacks.
  4. Mike McCray - How many of you thought he was senior last year?  I did!  He is back and should be even better with a year playing experience under his belt.  

Could Surprise A Few of Us:
  1. Devin Bush - He hits guys like a missile!  I think he could have a break out year.
  2. Khaleke Hudson - Could he be a poor mans Jabrill Peppers?  Reports are the light has gone on and this redshirt freshman could be the starter at Viper.
  3. Bryan Mone - Injuries have killed the upside of this talented DT.  If he can stay healthy, we might see a dominant player.
  4. Lawrence Marshall -  It's time to see what he has on the field!
  5. Keith Washington - I just have a feeling about this guy.  I think he could have a break out year and might steal some of the spotlight from Long and Hill at the CB position.
  6. Aubrey Solomon - Is he the real deal?  He will get a chance to play and expect he will have a similar year to what Gary had as a true freshman.
In Don Brown and Greg Mattison we trust!  Could Michigan have better defensive coaches?  I think not!

Who are you expecting to make an impact?

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