Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Michigan Tuesday: Cool Story About Sam McGuffie

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Sam had a very quick journey as a Michigan Wolverine.  He went from YouTube star to delaying the faxing in of his LOI on NSD to leaving the program and RR's team after one year in Ann Arbor. 

Sam left Ann Arbor to attend Rice closer to home and play for a guy we all know right now in Tom Herman.  The issue was, Tom who likes new challenges left for Kansas State before he could even coach Sam. 

Sam like his time in Ann Arbor got concussions and other injuries and his football career never worked out the way he wanted.   He got a look at in the NFL and even tried to play in the CFL.   The football dream was becoming something that just wasn't going to work out.

“When I played and why I fell in love with football was because I got the ball and got to just run and do my own thing,” McGuffie said. “But as you get older, the game is just not the same, especially when you get higher up. It just kind of took the joy out of why I liked football in the beginning.”

I recently saw another video of Sam trying to get on American Ninja Warrior but I believe his application denied.  The Detroit News has an article up today on what Sam has been up to.

He is currently training to make the Olympics Bobsled team.

“I'm really just focused on making (the Olympic team), just trying to fulfill a dream,” McGuffie said. “I never thought that I'd actually have an opportunity to be a part of it because I always thought I'd play football or do something like that.
“It's been a wild ride. So much has happened that I still can't believe it.”
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Sam and his bobsled partner Steven Holcomb

  • Last night in NBA's Summer League, DJ Wilson had 17 points, 8 rebounds and 4 assists on 7-of-13 shooting against the Clippers.  He also made three 3 point shots.


ScottyDoggs said...

Dear Voice of Reason... you show great knowledge of the Mich team... any close ties like assistant coach or something? Anyways you make my off the cuff posts look at best, amusing!

Voice of Reason said...


No, I have no ties, I am simply one man with an opinion, and I quite often say more than I should. That is why I have cut back on my posts. I appreciate and enjoy the opinions of my fellow Wolverines whether they agree or disagree. Please keep stating yours. IMHO!!!

Bob said...

VOR, you are free to say whatever you like on this site. If you have more to say and want your own post, let me know I will give you a day (or more) on the main page.