Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Michigan Tuesday: He is Playing Where Edition?

Michigan Basketball walk-on Andrew Dakich has been planning a 5th year transfer for sometime.  It seemed every time Coach B was planning to redshirt him, Michigan had an injury at the guard position and had to use him to fill some minutes off the bench. 

Andrew had announced earlier this year that he was heading to Quinnipiac to spend his 5th and final year in college.  Well, there seems to be a change of plans and a program in Columbus is in serious need of some guard help.   That's right folks, ESPN tweeted Andrew is heading to Ohio State to play his 5th a final year.   I can see both sides of this, OSU of course is greater then Quinnipiac, but then again its OSU.   Reports are that Dakich will be on scholarship at Ohio State.

Speaking of strange decisions, The number one TE in the country Jeremy Ruckert committed to Ohio State on Monday afternoon.   This decision was not a surprise and many insiders predicted it.   He picked Ohio State over Michigan and Wisconsin.   That is a strange decision as Ohio State really doesn't use TE's in their offense too often.  Reports are that Urban has told him that he will change his offense for Jeremy.  Ok, good luck with that decision. 

  • Drake Johnson got his 6th year from the NCAA and will participate in track at Michigan and won't be on the football team.   That is a good decision and I wish Drake all the best!

  • Jimmy on Corey Malone-Hatcher:  "It's something that Corey, in conjunction with the doctors and the trainers, decided it was in his best interests and the right path for him to take," Harbaugh said. "I support it, from the standpoint of being very supportive of what the doctors and Corey thought was best." -- "He's still in school," Harbaugh confirmed. "It's a disappointment for his family, for him, for us coaches and for everybody in terms of football, there were high hopes there. I thought he said it very well, I can still get a great education, I can still be a great Michigan man and be able to participate as a student intern if he so chooses. There are other ways that he can contribute."

  • 2018 Safety from Miami, Randy Russell Jr. has Michigan in his top 5.

Going off the Board:

I don't know if we have any History Channel fans out there, but there is a new series called The American Ripper.  The premise of the show is they are trying to solve the mystery of London's Jack the Ripper identity.    This series is trying to prove that American serial killer and con man H.H. Holmes could have been Jack the Ripper.  

HH has ties to the University of Michigan.  He actually graduated from U of M's Department of Medicine and Surgery in 1882.  He went on to run a bunch of insurance scams in Chicago and even opened a hotel that was latter nicknamed the Murder Castle.  After years on the run and more murders and scams, HH was hung on May 7th, 1896 in a prison in Philadelphia.  

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Scott K said...

I bet Urban told Ruckert that he coached one of the most famous TE's ever to play in the NFL..... He probably left out the fact that Aaron Hernandez was that TE and he was less famous for football than other reasons.

Good Luck kid.... i hope you get no gold pants.