Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Wolverine Wednesday: Jourdan Found Not Guilty

Last night in the Jourdan Lewis domestic violence case, the jury deliberated about an hour and came back with a not guilty verdict for Jourdan.  Per the Dallas newsThe case centered around the use of a pillow during an argument about finances in the couple's apartment. The woman said Lewis struck her in the face so hard she was forced into a wall, but Lewis' defense attorney contended he simply tossed the pillow and was trying to leave.

"For him, before a jury, to have this exoneration and it's truly that, I hope everyone will recognize that's a real, real plus," Jones said. "He just didn't want there to be any question about that."

"I'm real proud for the Cowboys and proud for him. He's got a chance to really be a fine player and he is a good person.''

Domestic violence is a serious charge but I'm glad this worked out for Jourdan and his future in the NFL and with the Dallas Cowboys.

  • Jimmy spoke with the media at the Big Ten Media Day and said that the QB race is between Wilton, John, and Brandon.  We know that Jimmy loves to keep it competitive in camp but we also know Wilton is the leader in the clubhouse.  It might be a 3 way tie when camp opens on Monday, but the expectation is that Wilton has a strong grip on the job. 

  • Shayne Simon Committed to ND yesterday.

  • Michigan picked up a surprise commit yesterday when 2018 3 star TE Luke Schoonmaker made the call for the Wolverines.  He wasn't on anyone's radar and this even caught the recruiting services off guard.  More to come on this 6'6 225 pound TE. 

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ScottyDoggs said...

A pillow fight goes to trial, that's news in itself: another off the wall subject is if you have a pet, don't kill it and tell everyone about it: On the news was a serial cat killer, he killed 18 neighborhood cats, and got 16 years in prison, much worse then many human murderers...This factoid is related to football because a BOB-CAT is the OHIO U. mascot. Good-Lord!