Thursday, August 24, 2017

Michigan Thursday: More Bullet Points - Really?

  • Former Michigan pitcher Rich Hill lost a perfect game in the 9th due to an error and then lost his no hitter and the game in a walk off home run in the 10th.  

  • Naked Shark Loving coach says, they might play 3 QB's against Michigan, haven't started preparing for the Wolverines yet, and hasn't seen a Michigan roster.   Any question on which team has the better coaching staff? 

  • Minnesota and MSU are possible night games this year.   I guess TV has the final call.  

  • Chad Henne is starting for Jacksonville again. 

  • Ohio State back-up QB Joe Burrow has a broken hand.  It will be replaced by a bionic one and he will be ready for the trip to Ann Arbor I'm sure.

  • This is the year for former 5 star RB Ty Isaac, sounds like he has had a good camp:  “I feel like I have been more consistent, but other than that I don’t thing too much has changed from the spring,” Isaac said. “I think that’s the biggest thing, coming in day in and day out and doing the same things.” 
    What’s changed for Isaac? Well, he noted a lot of different aspects in his game, but staying “consistent” is his primary term for his fall camp progress.
    “Just everything,” Isaac said. “Playing more physical, blocking, catching the ball, running well, the game as a whole. I think that’s part of consistent; you can’t do one thing good one day and one thing good the next day.”

  • Ben Bredeson, on if he is ready to play the Gators:  “We’re ready to go, we’re definitely ready,” Bredeson said. “We’ve been counting down since the Orange Bowl when the next game is going to be. So we’re definitely ready to go. We can’t wait to get this thing going.”
    When he finally straps it up against UF, Bredeson says he’ll be well versed in Florida’s tactics, admitting he’s watched film on them all summer long.
    “They’re a good team,” he said. “It’s the Florida Gators. It’s the SEC. So it’s not going to be a rollover game here. We’re going to be ready to go, they’re going to be ready to go. I think it’s going to be a hell of game down in Dallas.”


Scott K said...

Got my tickets yesterday..... Cannot WAIT to be in the Big House for the home opener!

Adam Sandler will be heading back to ohio 0-2 against Michigan.


Voice of Reason said...

If I remember correctly, when Newsome went down last year they tried Bredeson at the LT spot hoping for another Mason Cole which didn't pan out then they eventually went to Ben Braden. I can't help but wonder if they gave any serious thought to kicking him out to RT to see if he'd work out there. He was a highly regarded tackle in High School. I'm thinking it's easier to find a guard than a tackle.

I see how the O-Line staff can want James Hudson, he's big, athletic and aggressive and if he can get the fundamentals down, he could add some quality depth there. IMHO!!!