Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Michigan Tuesday: Time To Wake Up Jim Delany Again

Jim Delany loves him some Big Ten and some Jim Delany.   Even though his team screwed up and put some Ohio "good old boys" referees on the Michigan - Ohio State game, Jim didn't care to address it.   He just cares about revenue and his big $20 Million bonus.   When the topic gets as "hot as the Purdue visitors locker room" Jim usually gets to it in his own time or doesn't address it all. 

I have been to Purdue a couple times.  It's a large high school stadium.   I of course have never been to the visitors locker room but from the outside you could see it was very small.   To not have air conditioning on a 90 degree day is embarrassing to the University and the Big Ten.   The one thing Delany is the proudest of, is that he gives each Big 10 school tens of millions of dollars each year from the Big Ten Network.  How they can not upgrade the stadium and visitors locker room area is ridiculous.  

Let's hope Delany stops starring at his bank account for a few minutes to address this situation and fixes these issues today.   It's not fair to any student athlete from any school.

Michigan is not immune from this criticism as well.   As Jimmy mentioned, the Wolverines need to assess and upgrade their visitors accommodations as well.  Here is blurb from ESPN:

Here's how a former Big Ten assistant assessed 12 of the visiting locker rooms in the league. It's definitely a problem. Illinois = pathetic. Purdue = pathetic. Nebraska = OK. Wisconsin = OK. Iowa = OK. Michigan = below average. Michigan State = pathetic. Minnesota = nice. Maryland = pathetic. Northwestern = pathetic. Penn State = OK. Ohio State = below average

  • As announced yesterday the Michigan - MSU game will be a night game for the first time in the history of the match-up.   I know Jimmy doesn't like night games but at least this one is at home and hopefully this will be a good dress rehearsal for the trip to Happy Valley in a few weeks.   MSU is coming off a loss to ND last weekend and gets to host an angry Iowa team this weekend.

  • Jourdan Lewis and Taco played on MNF last night.  I thought Jourdan tackled well and played decent coverage.  Taco had a couple QB hurries. 

  • Jimmy didn't give much information on Wilton's injury except, "if they had a game this week he wouldn't be playing"

  • Chase added to his trophy case with Co-Big Ten Defensive Player of the Week  to go with his Walter Camp Defensive Player of the Week.

  • Michigan commit DE Aidan Hutchinson got his Army All American Game Jersey yesterday.


ScottyDoggs said...

Surprisingly have not had Scott K's take on the game... Maybe it's love at "second bite", Scott K. went to a Michigan game and complained that a overweight lady, with a not so hot personality; kinda ruined the game day experience somewhat...

Maybe Scott K. had second thoughts, and now is too tied up with this new "bundle of fun" and can not post, because he is love-sick... {lol} Just kidding!!!!

Scott K said...


I was up north, building deer stands in 95+ degree heat, listening to the game on FM radio.

I will be back in the big house to re-aquaint myself with my robust neighbor for the game vs. little brother. My 17 year old son will be joining me, attending his first ever game. Since I have seniority (and shelled out the $ for the tickets) he'll be sitting next to that bundle of joy.