Monday, November 27, 2017

Michigan Monday: The Future QB Scramble Begins

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With John O'Korn taking snaps for the last time in the Big House against OSU and with Brandon Peters expected to be ready in a month for a Bowl Game, that is most likely the last time we will see John under center.   On Saturday night, that was the only thing we knew about the future of the Michigan QB's. 

Then we hear the rumor is actually true that former #1 QB recruit in the country and current Ole Miss QB Shea Patterson took in the game and had a discussion with Harbaugh about transferring to Michigan.   It's still up in the air if Shea would be a graduate transfer or have to sit out a year.  He was hurt this season after Hugh Freeze left the program.   If that happened, here is what that depth chart could look like:
  1. Peters
  2. Speight
  3. Patterson
  4. McCaffrey
  5. Malzone
  6. Milton
  7. Doyle
Peters, Speight, and Patterson would battle it out for a starting role.  Plenty of good QB's on the roster! 
Then what we knew would be a decision for Wilton, had already been made.  Wilton on Sunday afternoon announces he will take a graduate transfer year and play for another team for his 5th and final year.  Ok, that makes sense,  Let's re-shuffle again:
  1. Peters
  2. Patterson
  3. McCaffrey
  4. Malzone
  5. Milton
  6. Doyle
Then we hear from Sam Webb this morning that Michigan said to Shea, thanks but no thanks.  We are happy with Peters and McCaffrey.  He is now mostly likely heading West.   Ok, time to re-shuffle again!
  1. Peters
  2. McCaffrey
  3. Malzone
  4. Milton
  5. Doyle
Ok, finally have this thing figured out!  We are set, lets head into next season with these 5 guys!   Wait, a second.  Reports are that Alex Malzone will graduate in 3 years this spring and look for a 2 year graduate transfer situation this summer.   Ok let's re-arrange the deck chairs one last time.
  1. Peters
  2. McCaffrey
  3. Milton
  4. Doyle
The list is final.  Reports are that Milton is heading to Ann Arbor in January, so that should help.  At least we finally have an all Harbaugh roster of QB's.   Not a ton of experience with this group, Peters will have a handful of games as a red shirt sophomore, McCaffrey will be a red shirt freshman and Milton/Doyle are true freshman.

See the source image
Even though the regular season is over (that was really fast), the fun coaching carousel began this weekend. 

UCLA hires Chip Kelly - A+ hire
Florida hires Miss. State Dan Mullen - A- hire
Texas A&M fires Kevin Sumlin targeting FSU Jimbo Fisher - Would be an A+ hire
Nebraska fired Mike Riley targeting UCF - Scott Frost - Would be an A- hire
Ole Miss - Kept their interim head coach

Tennessee tried to hire OSU Greg Schiano and the Tennessee fan base blew up over Greg's involvement in Penn State's Jerry Sandusky situation and now they have pulled the offer.   Great work there guys.   That hire would have been a B- if they had pulled it off.   Not sure I have ever seen social media stop a college football hiring, times they're a changing!

Pep Hamilton is rumored to be a candidate at Arizona State.  Many Michigan fans are supporting this move!

There is new urgency this year with the early signing period at 12/20.  Schools have less then a month to try to keep their commitments in place with a new coach.



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The main reason I do not read MGOBLOG much is the sometimes B/S... someone made a comment on MGOBLOG and said "F" O'KOrn, and some other follows marked that they liked the comment...

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You can not have heaping praise for players when they do good, and you have to silence yourself when they do bad...

But these are not little kids anymore... maybe the comment was over the top, but why have a hissy-fit Brian (I assume)

My comments were harsh, I thought Bob might delete them, but Bob I will take anyday over the B/s at MGOBLOG... they may be big, and more popular, BUT bRIAN EARNED MY MIDDLE FINGER FOR HIS BABY-CRAP...


Goose said...

This is awkward. Um, hmmm, how do I say this. Um, maybe try Proof reading before you publish your comments. Might want to leave politics out also,it's just unnecessary. Go blue.

Scott K said...

So..... how about those Tigers?

Voice of Reason said...

Bob, I like the review of the chronology of the QB's here over the last few makes you think doesn't it? Then again, what Alabama and some of the other top teams do is bring in top talent and those players who can't do, leave to make room for the new top talent..."and the band played on." What we are seeing here at Michigan is in essence the same thing. When you have competition the winners stay and the rest move on.

Regarding Chip Kelly, we've seen him (as the coach and GM)implode the Philadelphia Eagles from a decent team with lots of talent in transition into a horrible team. He reminds me of what RR did to Michigan in that he changed the style of play and in doing so did more harm than good.

When he caught the NFL by surprise the first year, he never changed his strategy of play calling and the other teams were able to figure it out and many of the other team's players would say they knew what the play was before he even called it. He never changed even when he went to SF.

When he got to Oregon, he was the OC under a Mike Bellotti that had already made them a winner, then when Bellotti left Kelly inherited the reins of an established team and was understandably successful because Kelly was only head coach three years and Oregon was already stacked with talent. Also keep in mind that it was believed that he was involved in some questionable recruiting practices which help continue to bring in great talent. That is why I believe he was so willing to leave Oregon when he did to go to the Eagles. Remember Oregon was under some sort of NCAA investigation at that time.

So I expect that he will try to start that up again. My point behind all of this is that I don't believe he has proven himself yet to be a great coach. He may in time but now I see only smoke and mirrors with him so far. So I don't mind him going to UCLA and screwing up their football program.

Regarding Pep Hamilton, my concern is how does his leaving (assuming he leaves) effects the offensive system. Maybe that doesn't change as much as I think with Harbaugh and Drevno still there. IMHO!!!

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So,,,, how about those tigers?

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