Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Wolverine Wednesday: Rich Rod Gets Fired and Rumor Mill

Update:  Chase Winovich will be back for one more year leading the Michigan Defense. 

Rich Rod has found himself in another mess as he was fired last night from Arizona amid sexual harassment claims and a pending law suit.  After being fired as Michigan's head coach in 2010, Rich Rod sat out for a couple of years before joining Arizona in 2012.  He has been with the Wildcats for six season and had a 43-35 record, which is an average of  less than 6 wins a year.

RR was on the hot seat this season but got out to a 6-2 start and seemed to have found his next Pat White or Denard with Arizona QB Khalil Tate.  The team then took a step back and finished 7-6 with a loss to Purdue in the bowl game. 

Arizona did their own 10 week investigation and cleared Rich Rodriguez of all claims but it seems the filing of the law suit and the finish to the season was enough for the University to move in another direction.     Of course, RR will fight these claims: "My coaching staff and I were very excited about the trajectory of our young team, and looked forward to 2018 and beyond," Rodriguez said in his statement. "... To my players, staff and supporters, it's been an honor to lead and serve you. As I'm sure that you would expect me to do, I will vigorously fight these fabricated and groundless claims.

Prior to the bowl game, there was some news that broke that we haven't mentioned here yet.   It seems Michigan has hired it's new S&C coach in former Wisconsin and Arkansas S&C coach Ben Herbert to replace Kevin Tolbert.  Ben played at Wisconsin and has been Bret Bielema's guy as he worked for Bret for 4 years at Wisconsin and during his time at Arkansas.    Jimmy mentioned he was not happy with Michigan's strength after the OSU game and quickly moved out Kevin Tolbert. 

I think the S&C coach is an important role on any team as this is the only coach that can work with the players on a daily basis.   He can help players reach their goals and keeps them motivated during the off season.   Let's hope Ben can bring some energy and some Wisconsin offensive line secrets and strength.

  • JayRaymond Hall has officially left Michigan for Central Michigan.   Which seems like a soft landing place for Michigan transfers.  Mgolog heard that JayRay had lost a lot of weight and wondered if he was ever going to be big enough to play in the Big 10.   Good Luck to him. 

News is starting to leak out that there was a number of coaching distractions on Michigan's staff prior to the bowl game.  These are just rumors at this point, but it looks like Michigan could clear house on the offensive side of the ball and will have to work to keep it's defensive staff.

Names to keep an eye on for offense:  Greg Roman, Dan Enos, and Al Washington (Special Teams). 

It also sounds like that Alabama is trying to hire Chris Partridge. 

Greg Fry was on FSU campus yesterday.

Don Brown is expected to stay of course and I wouldn't be surprised if others try to come for Zordich as well.  I doubt Greg Mattison is planning a move and is expected to retire from coaching in Ann Arbor when he is ready.

Greg Roman is currently working for Jimmy's brother in Baltimore and worked with Jimmy at Stanford and the 49'ers.   Dan Enos we covered yesterday and is known as a great recruiter (but a former Sparty QB).  Al Washington is currently the Specials Teams coach for BC.

More to come on this needed change on offense.


Scott K said...

Great news for next year's Defense.....

3, 5, 15.... OH MY.

Tim said...

Rumors flying around that Dan Enos may come to MI as CO-OC/QB coach. Would that be too many cooks in the kitchen? Harbaugh, Hamilton, Drev & Enos?

Maybe Enos will replace someone. We'll see...