Monday, February 12, 2018

Michigan Monday: More Rumors About McElwain

There continues to be more buzz around Jim McElwain being hired by Jimmy as the 10th/WR coach. There was one report that even suggested he was going to call plays.   I am  and will remain 100% against this hire.   I get that he is over qualified for the role, that he was a great offensive mind at Alabama (who isn't?) and did a nice job at Colorado State with our old friend Dee Hart.   I get it. 

His offense at Florida was terrible and the only thing that kept him in that role was a great defense and a down SEC division.  He had historic QB troubles and was a complete disaster at the end.   Remember when he said he got a death threat from a fan and later it was found that he made it up?  He also isn't a big fan of Jimmy's see the below GIF of ESPN asking him for one word to describe Jim Harbaugh. 

At least Michigan is surrounded by fresh water lakes.  I also wouldn't have him recruit South Florida, just in case he wants to do some deep sea fishing.

  • Michigan Basketball got a win in Wisconsin yesterday.  The Badgers are last in the Big Ten this year but the Kohl Center has been a house of horrors for the Wolverines in the past.   They were up by 22 in the first half and won by 11.  This was the programs 20th win on the year.

  • It's time to start focusing on the 2019 class, which seems like the coaches have been doing for about 12 months now.   We will start looking at some targets and review some of the commits already in the boat as the week goes on.


Tim said...

Bob...I agree with your thoughts. Only thing I can think of is that because we were 105 in total offense and are retaining both Pep and Tim maybe they will be intimidated if we brought in an offense guru. So to help their ego's we are bringing in a coach that won't intimidate them :)

Scott K said...

John Morton, former OC of the Jets is in the running for that coveted (or not) coaching position.