Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Michigan Tuesday: Has Ole Old News

We have known for weeks that Ole Miss had recommended that Shea Patterson and his other former teammates (that have transferred) not be eligible immediately.   Many had expected that Ole Miss wouldn't object to the players being eligible since they did under estimate the NCAA penalties.   Per the rules, seniors that were on Mississippi could transfer freely without penalty.  The issue is Shea Patterson had two years of eligibility remaining and wasn't covered under that rule.

At this point, Ole Miss stance is just that, an opinion on a decision that the NCAA needs to make.   The NCAA is considering letting all players transfer freely, my guess is they would support players transferring (without penalty) when their program is hit with major NCAA sanctions. 

The NCAA after receiving Mississippi's response, also contacted Michigan and asked for more information which many believe to be a positive sign for the Wolverines.

From what I have been reading and heard, it seems the coaches are still pretty confident the NCAA will support the immediate eligibility, but with any NCAA decision, nothing is guaranteed.

Michigan fans will get their first look at Shea Patterson in the Maize and Blue on Saturday night's spring game. 

  • It seems the news about MSU covering up sexual assaults continues to become public knowledge.   A new report about an assault in 2015 was just released yesterday.     MSU needs to make some major changes and it starts with the men leading the basketball and football programs. 

  • Alexandria (Va.) Episcopal 2019 safety Litchfield Ajavon will visit for the Spring Game.

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Aimtubbs said...

Sparty has followed in the Suckeye mantra; nothing is wrong as long as we are winning. Best way to beat a rape rap at either institution is to run a 4.4 in the 40. These placed gave up on character and integrity a long time ago and have been awarded with wins in their sports programs.