Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Michigan Tuesday: Jimmy Game Week Presser and A Guess The Score Contest!

Jimmy had his game week press conference yesterday and of course he didn't share too much, but did drop a few lines like, "The hay is really never in the barn".  

  • He confirmed that Black has a foot fracture and later that day said that he could make it back this season. 
  • Enjoys the ND Rivalry and thinks the teams should play every year. 
  • Passed on speaking on Urban Meyer or DJ Durkin 
  • Has been impressed with the WR's this camp 

There is also a rumor floating around that another player might be transferring.  We will see what happens. 

Since everyone has been in the sub, the injured list as been pretty quiet.   Here are the folks we expect are most likely out for this weekend with injuries:

-RB Christian Turner 
-P Brad Robbins
-WR Tarik Black
-DE Luigi Vilain
-CB Ben St.Juste 
-TE Mustapha Muhammad
-RB Berkley Edwards

Both Higdon and Gary are banged up but are expected to play this weekend and probably will rest most of the week. 

Notre Dame "Guess The Score" Give-a-way!  

The Road to Ann Arbor

Since we're all excited about football season starting again, we are doing a give-a-way thanks to Triumph Books.   As I'm sure you have probably heard, former Mgoblog writer and now ESPN writer TomVH aka Tom VanHaaren has published a book called "The Road to Ann Arbor".

It's a book about how some famous Wolverines got to Ann Arbor on the recruiting trail.   As you know, we support "our own" around here and Tom came through a Michigan Blog to the big time of the World Wide Leader.   Please support his book and if you would like to try to win a free copy, please enter the guess the score contest for this weekend's game.  

To enter:
  • Please email me at thebighouseblog@hotmail.com with your final score prediction for the Michigan - ND game this weekend.   
  • The closest to the final score will win.   If there is a tie, the person who submitted the prediction first will win.  
  • We will only be giving away one book. 
Let me know if you have any questions! 

1 comment:

Scott K said...

Not going to lie.... enjoying the drip of documents being released by osu....
they are making themselves look like a bigger and bigger shitshow at every turn.

The '3rd party investigative committee' has ZERO credibility as well.... So they are almost certain text messages were erased, but did nothing to retrieve them? He even had a text telling him two women would be over to talk to him and Shelly and they would need a couple hours with his phone? what the fuck for, if not destroying evidence?
WOW..... When urban liar retires, for health and family reasons, at the end of this year.... they will have sold their soul for nothing. Can we leave the B10 and distance ourselves from these shithole programs?