Thursday, April 4, 2019

Michigan Thursday: 2 Injuries That's Causing Concern

Jimmy did another Spring Practice press conference yesterday and to prove he is turning over a new leaf, talked about injuries and even gave us some details.  

Two guys – Donovan Peoples-Jones, Mike Dwumfour – looks like they have more serious injuries than we previously thought,” Harbaugh said. “Both have not participated very much in any practice or all winter. Concern is, and the worry really, is that it’s more serious. That they can get back to their previous form and level.”

“They could (miss time this fall),” Harbaugh said. “I’ve always been the kind of coach, but also when I played, I put a lot of stock on what a player – how their body feels, how they respond. That’s the feedback. All indications we’re getting is they can’t really do much at all.”

“Donovan’s has been a soft-tissue injury, a groin injury,” Harbaugh said. “Michael, he had a torn plantar fascia right before the bowl game. Just start to worry when injuries start to linger longer than previously thought. Longer than the time it usually takes. I think nobody knows their body better than the actual athlete.”

As you know, that is a ton of detail for Jimmy to give during a press conference.   Mike even gave us some more detail on Social Media yesterday. 

I did not tear my planta fascia in the bowl game I tore it against Maryland and still played did not miss any games I don’t know where this false information is coming from. Rehab is going great I will be back healthy very soon in Jesus name!!

If these injuries don't heal prior to the season, that is trouble for the Wolverines.  DP-J is Michigan's top WR target even thought there is plenty of depth at the position.

Mike will have a major role this year on a defensive line which needs as much depth as they can get.   I really don't care who starts on the D-Line as Michigan in the past rotates many players during the game.   I expect Shaun Nua will continue that strategy as he takes over for Greg Mattison. 

The Wolverines had many more injuries that weren't publicly known during that end of the year exhibition in Georgia. 

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Cormac said...

I think that Jimmy may have misspoken about Dwumfour. It could be that he isn't used to such openness. IMO, with the type of injuries that DPJ and MD have, missing spring practice, while it would be nice to have them there, it isn't the end of the world.