Friday, August 23, 2019

Michigan Friday: Another Hit To the Offensive Line

Next Friday we will have a Michigan Football game preview and it seems way too long since we had one.   That Peach Scrimmage does not count.

The rumored news is not great coming out of camp.  The word on the street is that Jon Runyan Jr. has a back issue and hasn't been practicing.   Right now the severity of the injury is unclear.

What happens if Jon isn't ready for Saturday?  The best case is that Jon only needs a couple weeks rest.  We don't know how long he hasn't been practicing, so I'm not ready to call him out for the 30th.  If he is out or the coaches don't want to risk it, I could see Bredeson moving to LT and Filiaga moving to his spot at LG.

If Jon's injury is accurate (it hasn't been confirmed by the program) that is two camps hits (Stueber) to the O-Line.

  • Rashan Gary went down with an injury in Canada in a game against the Raiders last night.  His injury is not expected to be serious.  

  • As reported yesterday, it has been confirmed that Ambry Thomas is back to practice, the issue is each player has a 5 day initiation period no matter when you start camp.  So he maybe doing some light things in practice but the expectation is, he isn't dressed and competing fully at CB yet. 

  • Detroit News article on Braiden McGregor

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Scott K said...

I am SOOOOOO ready for some football!! I'm even excited about watching the Parole Bowl tomorrow night.