Monday, September 2, 2019

Labor Day Michigan Monday: Jimmy Speaks

Jimmy just finished his press conference and there were a few interesting topics:

  • Jimmy was very high on how Ryan Hayes played for Jon Runyan and was named the offensive player of the game.  He graded out well with fellow lineman Ben Bredeson and Cesar Ruiz. 
  • That Jeter, Runyan and DPJ all 3 have a chance to play this week, he wasn't as optimistic on Dwumfour. 
  • Thought Gattis called a good game
  • That the RB's did a great job in protection and that Charbonnet had 9 pickups which is a huge number for a RB. 
  • Both kickers are running dead even 
  • Been preparing for Army for a long time 
One thing that I worry about is that Michigan opponents have plenty tape now on how to beat Don Brown's defense (OSU and Florida).  You could see it in MTSU's game plan.  When Don plays man to man coverage (which he always does) and blitzes a LB that leaves the middle of the field wide open.  If the rush doesn't get there, it leaves the Wolverines defense open for QB runs or the screen game.  Won't be an issue this week as Army might throw once a game but look for it in future weeks. 
In my mind, Don Brown has to show some adjustments and new looks. 

  • Wile got cut by the Vikings on Sunday
  • Higdon also got cut by the Texans on Saturday 
  • Brandon Peters had a nice debut for Illinois.  Looks to be a good fit in Champlain. 
  • Didn't see Aubrey Solomon in the game for Tennessee but they suffered a difficult loss. 

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