Monday, October 7, 2019

Michigan Monday: Have You Seen MSU's Schedule?

I thought the Big Ten hated Michigan, but there might have been a screw up in the BIG offices and somebody got U of M and MSU mixed up.   Sparty has an incredibly difficult streak of games coming up.

Of course they traveled to Ohio State for a loss last weekend, next Saturday they travel to Madison to play Wisconsin, then head home to host Penn State.   Lovey Smith then brings his Fighting Illini to EL, before heading to Ann Arbor.  Ok, they do have two bye weeks in there, but that is murders row schedule in the Big Ten with probably only 1 win and 4 losses.   Good thing they found a way to win that Indiana game.   Hat tip to Sparty for staying with Ohio State for 1 quarter, which is more then anyone else has done this season.

  • Jimmy Speaks at noon and the hope is we get an update on Paye and his hamstring.  Other then that we will hear: Illinois is a good team, Lovey is a good coach, and the Wolverines have work to do this week in practice to become a better team. 

  • BTW I agree with many of the comments in the Iowa Post Game, but the simple answer is Harbaugh will not throw any of his coaches or players under the bus in a press conference.  So when he says, "the offense is finding its stride" its just press conference BS.   I'm not supporting that stance, I just realize that he isn't stupid or blind and that the offense has serious issues but he won't address them in a press conference.  Protecting players in a press conference is very important to future recruiting. 

  • Michigan is now #16 in AP

  • NFL Wolverines had a good day yesterday, Peppers caused a fumble on the goal line, Brandon Graham had 3 sacks, Mo Hurst had 2 in London, Gary played well against the Cowboys, and Bush had an INT.   Tom Brady is Tom Brady. 

  • 5 star F Isaiah Todd final 2 is Michigan and Kansas.  This could be Coach Howard's first recruit.  Todd will announce next week on his BDay on the 17th.  (Kansas got a notice from the NCAA and could be hit with some large sanctions if found guilty - they also let Snoop Dog preform last weekend at an open practice and had to apologize to the alumni)

  • Best message board comment of the weekend on just realizing that Harbaugh is in a Downy commercial.  "Our offense could use a few wrinkles!"

  • ABC has picked up the Michigan @ PSU game.   Get ready for another night/white out game. 


Goose said...

I agree with Harbaugh in principle. Singling out players & coaches in the public is a bad idea. However speaking as if there are no problems to correct only makes jim look out of touch with the reality of the situation. Nothing wrong with saying the offense is struggling but all coaches & players are working hard to correct issues. Acknowledge the problems without assigning blame. I would feel better as a fan if the head coach didn't act as if all is well.

MichiganMan said...

Man our boy Jim is lost he probably has no idea that the offense is struggling it's been struggling for the past three years and he's not doing anything to fix it

Mike Tebbe said...

Spot on Goose....

Cormac said...

Wait! Last year (perhaps before) everybody and their brother were "screaming" for Harbaugh to "wise up" and dump the troika approach that he had for calling plays. They especially wanted him to fire Pep Hamilton. What did they want him to do? Specifically, name someone as an offensive coordinator. Ok, what did Harbaugh do? He names an offensive coordinator. When he named this offensive coordinator, he said that the OC would call ALL the plays and that he would be strictly hands-off. Since the season started, there have been many instances where many people think that Jim is back calling the plays.

He is attempting to fix the offense. It is just that some people can't accept the results. What is he supposed to do? He's already named an OC. What's next?

Goose said...

All I want is for jim to never lose. It really doesn't seem that hard.