Friday, December 6, 2019

Michigan Friday: Bowling and The Big Ten Season Starts

The Michigan Football team will understand who they will play on Sunday afternoon in a Bowl Game.   We have heard anything from the Holiday Bowl vs. PAC 12 team, Gator Bowl vs. SEC Team, or to the Citrus against Alabama or Auburn.   The latest buzz seems to be the Citrus who would love a Michigan - Alabama match-up, which packed Jerry's stadium a few years ago.

Juwan Howard's program gets no rest for the weary as they take the floor at home tonight against a good Iowa team.  Tip is an early one at 6:30 and will be on FS1.  Iowa is 6-2 with loses to DePaul and San Diego State, they do have recent wins over Texas Tech and Syracuse.   Let's hope the team can shake off the cold from Tuesday night.

  • Jourdan Lewis had a nice pick in a Dallas loss last night. 

  • Chase Winovich is honoring Larry Prout Jr. on this cleats this Sunday.   Well Done Chase! 

  • Michigan Basketball has started a new series with UK, that will kick off next year with a game in London and finish with a home and home.  This should be great for recruiting.   Scheduling difficult games in basketball is a smart thing, the opposite is true in football.   Ohio State's non-conference in football this year was FAU, Cincinnati, and Miami of Ohio.

Championship game TV Schedule

8:00 Tonight PAC 12 Utah vs. Oregon - ABC 


Big 12 Baylor vs. Oklahoma -ABC 
Sun Belt Louisiana vs App State - ESPN
MAC Miami vs. CMU - ESPN 2

1:30: Conference USA UAB vs. FAU - CBSSN

3:30: American Cincinnati at Memphis - ABC

SEC Georgia vs. LSU - CBS
Mt West Hawaii and Boise State - ESPN

7:30: ACC Virginia vs. Clemson - ABC 

8:00: Big Ten OSU vs. Wisconsin - Fox 

Where the hell did the college football season go?

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