Monday, August 31, 2020

Michigan Monday: Not A Game Week

The Breaking News this morning is that famous Georgetown Basketball coach John Thompson has passed away.  That news comes on top of loses this weekend of NBA's former forward Cliff Robinson who had some nice battles with the Pistons and the talented actor Chadwick Boseman.    I feel for all the families mourning these loses.  

I'm sure the United States has had worse years during the World Wars but 2020 is the worst year in my lifetime.  

  • Hard to believe this was supposed to be game week with a trip out to Washington.   

  • There continues to be rumors about a possible Thanksgiving start or an early January start with the PAC 12 that would end up with a Rose Bowl between the Big Ten and PAC 12 Champ sometime this Spring.  Either one, but lets get the plan in the place.  

  • Its starting: Arizona LB Colin Schooler transfers to Texas Tech as grad transfer and will play right away.

  • The Dallas Mavs run has ended due to Kawhi Leonard. Trey Burke had a breakout bubble and I hope this earns him a long term contact. He is exactly what you need in a 6th man guard.

  • Many Michigan and EMU athletes had a peaceful march in downtown Ann Arbor on Saturday to support Black Lives Matter.

  • Could be the reason that Tyrone Wheatley is no longer a coach in the NFL: The Jags have released RB Leonard Fournette.

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Unknown said...

That's not right you say that about Tyrone Wheatley that's not the reason he's not in the NFL. He got a head coaching job we all know that