Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Wolverine Wednesday: Why Doesn't The PAC 12 Get The Same Focus?

Hey, the PAC 12 also isn't playing football.  It seems to the media the Big 10 is the only conference that has shut down football.  Even the POTUS got involved yesterday, in a clear attempt to win some votes in the Big Ten swing states.  

Then Dan Patrick floats an October start date, which is just crazy and was quickly shot down.   Kevin Warren is taking a ton of heat for the Big 10 Presidents decision and clearly wanted to know from the POTUS if the rapid test results was going to be available to Big 10 and if yes, when?

So now what?  The Big Ten clearly needs a plan for Late Fall, Winter, or a Spring Season.  The issue is will the testing and protocols be ready?  With the teams practicing 20 hours per week, it seems the players will be, but the main concern for the BIG Presidents is safety.   

The joke yesterday was the POTUS said, we are on the 1 yard.  It's more 99 yards to go then 1st and goal.  

  • Michigan's athletic department had to let go 21 people due to the projected $100 Million loss this year. 

  • Only in 2020, ABC has hired Carole Baskin to be on "Dancing with the Stars"


Unknown said...

People are believing Warren has more power to make decisions than he has. He has no power over the university presidents. He can only advise them. If the presidents listen that helps. If they don’t listen then Warren is powerless.

Voice of Reason said...

I think it's safe to say that everyone is concerned about the virus and don't want to catch it and wants to remain safe. With that said, think about this...the NFL (playing),... the NBA (playing),...the NHL (playing),...the MLB (playing), the NCAA (SEC, Acc, Big 12 playing), and they all have big time lawyers and don't want to be sued. They have allowed their players to opt-out of the season if they wish. If anyone anywhere gets a virus it is going to be virtually impossible to prove where they got it. Something to think about. IMHO!!!

Goose said...

Pretty sure you can catch covid by reading this blog.....πŸ€‘πŸ’ΈπŸ’°πŸ’²

Cormac said...

I really haven't heard what has been happening at other schools in terms of raw numbers, I know that Michigan football went 0 for 822 in August. That's a "batting average" I love. If Michigan can do it, so can the rest of the Big Ten. Btw, that heart condition that some people were worried about was a red herring.

Free the Big Ten! Let them play!

MichiganMan said...

Please no football this year... human lives is more important than the game....plz πŸ”₯ Dom brown

Bob said...

Thanks Goose that is why I recommend drinking alcohol and using sanitizer with alcohol before reading it! :)