Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Michigan Tuesday: Dax is Expected Back

It's hard to know what is accurate or not when Jimmy discusses injuries.  He does expect Dax to be back at practice mid week.  That is good news and hopefully whatever kept him out of the 2nd half is a minor injury.   The rumor mill believes he was either poked in the eye or had his hand stepped on.   The Michigan secondary is much better with Dax in it.   True freshman Makari Paige struggled in coverage on Saturday. 

No word on why Eubanks didn't play on Saturday.  Nordin is also expected back on Saturday. 

  • Word out of Wisconsin is that now #2 and #3 QB's have tested positive.   #1 had foot surgery earlier this month.   Wisconsin could be down to #4 QB.   If this happened at Michigan, this would be a major problem with McCaffrey opting out and transferring.    

  • Hi Nico!  49 points scored.  Interested in a playbook?

  • Tracking Tarik:  He had 1 catch this weekend against Baylor for 72 yards.   He has 8 total catches in 5 games for 188 yards and 1 TD.  5 catches came game 1 and 3 more over 4 games.  

  • I didn't hear Ben St-Juste name mentioned during the broadcast.  Which is interesting, since he has a very interesting story line.   Seems Joe and Gattis stayed away from the talented CB.  He recorded 1 solo tackle during the game.  We sure could use him right now.  

  • Michigan is a 25 point favorite on Saturday 

  • IU game is a noon kick off in two weeks. 

  • CA WR's Xavier Worthy and Christian Dixon are expected to take un-official this weekend.  Not sure if they are allowed to watch the game in the Big House or not and if the coaches and staff can interact with them.   This will be the first time both big time WR's commits have been to A2.  


Kid Adorable said...

The only time I noticed St-Juste in the highlights was when he was the last man burned by Charbonnet on his TD run. I know that's not really on him as you cannot expect a DB to be ready to track a RB blowing through the first two levels of defense, but watching it in slo-mo, it was clear he was following the play developing, saw 23 get tied up by Filiaga who came around center, and by the time St-Juste planted and chose direction, Charbonnet was already at full speed and yards past. Never closed in past 4 yards. Didn't fall off either though, which means he kept pace, and it would be pretty nice to have some Charbonnet speed at DB.

Rudy said...

Sparty will be doing their best to bate UM this weekend. The talent gap between teams is massive so sparty will do what they do best....go full dbag and start the cheap shots. They did it last year when they got blown out, it'll happen again so Jimmy will be in their ear about having much more to lose that Spartacus suckucus. Drop 60 on them! When the game is out of reach, keep throwing the HR ball!

szanreno said...

I keep having those same thoughts about the cheap shots and such. I try to remind myself and I want to believe that was a Dantonio thing. Maybe those days are past.

Unknown said...

Dax Hill made a HUGE hit on Abrihim midway through the 2nd Q. He only played the next play and that was it. I think he had a mild concussion which also fits with the "evaluated" comment by Harbaugh. I can't wait to see us put it on Sharty again!!! I haven't been this excited about Michigan Football since the day that they hired Harbaugh. One thing that people don't remember is that joe Milton is Harbaugh's 1st starting QB at Michigan that HE recruited.

Unknown said...


szanreno said...

What happened last weekend, happened last weekend. Don't let UM's thrill of victory and sparty's agony of defeat blind us to this weekend. Still got to take care of business.