Friday, December 4, 2020

Michigan Friday: Previews Nothing

The AP is reporting that Michigan has 12 positive tests.  There will have to be a reduction in that number to be able to practice and play next weekend.   It seems OSU is trying to move mountains to play this weekend with a skeleton crew in East Lansing.   They will be without their head coach Ryan Day and how many other players?  

So you really want Michigan to play next weekend?  The already short handed Wolverines would be even more shorthanded and coming off a virus outbreak.  That sounds like a winning combination and Vegas has opened with Ohio State -27.5.   I have zero interest in playing that game or any other the rest of the year.  

Michigan Basketball plays on Sunday at home 4:00 against UCF.  The Golden Knights have only played one game this season, a win over Auburn.  They had one game cancelled due to COVID against Oklahoma.   

  • Reminder we are 12 days away from football's early signing period for the 2021 class. 

  • The Knight Commission believes Big Time College Football should separate from the NCAA and be under 1 governing body. 

  • I also don't understand why major schools like Michigan don't have a COO type of person overseeing just football.   If this was a corporation, their largest revenue division for sure would have a VP or GM over looking operations and decisions. 


BaptistButch said...
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Voice of Reason said...

There's no getting around it, these kids need as much actual playing time they can get. Even if they get their clocks cleaned by osu they still need playing time. It is not likely they will have a bowl game to go to but if by chance the NCAA allows all of the school's football programs to have the fifteen days of practice when the season is over before the New Year then they will need that time too. This is a very young team with limited experience and if they go into next season with no more experience (and practice time) then it won't matter who the coach is, they will struggle to win.

Forget about what Allen Iverson said about practice because without practice the games will be even more difficult to win. In other words, No games, no practices equals no wins. Do the math. You've heard me say this before, we have two QB's that came into this season one with no experience and the other with almost no experience. Looking at our OL, with our one returning starter is out for the season after the second game against MSU and now (I believe) we have a freshman starting and they either have very limited if no experience. Does that make ten OL starters so far this season (correct me if I'm wrong here)? Do you think that you can win many if any B1G games with a roster filled with freshman and sophomore starters...with limited to no experience...really? The rule of thumb has always been that you win with Juniors and Seniors and NOT freshman and sophomore. We're not the Fab Five here and even they lost their share of games.

Sometimes, it's not about schemes, it's about experience. That is why Northwestern was able to beat Wisconsin and Indiana taking osu to the mat. These kids need to play, they need to learn and they need to develop, they can't do that sitting in their rooms playing their X-box. Sitting out will only further to hurt this roster. They need something to build upon during the off season based on what they've learned (both good and bad) on the field. These kids need to see first hand how it feels to be on the field with the osu kids and how they'll play them, because it will only help them prepare for next season. So Yes, playing time and size (the quality of opponents) does matter. So I still say, "Let them play!" IMHO!!!

Goose said...

I guess the SEC slogan is true. Down south it just means more. Maybe the Big 10 can figure things out by next year. This year they just look foolish.

Goose said...

Dear warde,
I am beginning to hear rumors that you intend to extend the contract of your friend Jim. WTF Warde. Do you no longer concern yourself with how this program looks to the rest of the world? This program is an embarrassment...on your watch! You hired a man paid him championship money & expected championship results. While there has been improvement it doesn't justify the salary.
Let me remind you your obligation is not to your friend jim it's to the program. If firing jim is best for the program.its your duty & responsibility to do it. In no way should you be concerned with Jim's feelings or his future opportunities. Your job is to lookout for the program and its athletes. That starts with letting jim go today & getting a headstart pursuing the next man up. The longer you wait the further Michigan gets behind and that's what you should care about.
Every Michigan Fan.

szanreno said...

As much as I agree with your comments and they are correct. I don't think Jim Harbaugh will get fired. He may step down, resign, or whatever you want to call it but he won't get fired. As far as the money and his salary keeps coming up. As I've said before every man makes his own deal and he made his. At the time that was the salary he commanded. Coming off successful years at the 49ers, Stanford and even San Diego State. So any school would have had to pay him that amount. Everyone needs to admit they were excited when he came to Michigan. I don't dislike the guy but I think he's lost the team. It would be interesting as hell to know what's going on behind closed doors with the players. I don't want to say they quit but I kind of think they quit on him. Sad situation indeed.