Friday, January 22, 2021

Michigan Friday: So The Staff Is Complete?

Sounds like Michigan is sort of set on both sides of the ball with its coaching set:


Gattis: OC and WR's

Hart: RB 

Warinner: OL and Running Game Coordinator 

Moore: TE 

?: QB 

Jay Harbaugh: Special Teams 


Macdonald - DC 

Linguist - CB's and Co-DC 

Helow: Safeties 

Nua: DT

Jean-Mary: LB

Ben McDaniels is still on but reportedly out the door.   My expectation was that Jimmy would be taking on the QB coach role.   Maybe they're waiting on Chad Henne to retire to announce he is Michigan's next QB coach.  (that is a joke and I'm not reporting news!! :)) 

  • Greg Mattison is retiring at the end of the month, I hope it was worth it to leave Ann Arbor for a DC role that wasn't really a DC role in Columbus for a couple of years. 

  • Michigan Basketball plays Purdue tonight at 7:00 tonight on FS1  

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Tim said...

Bob - I heard Mattison took at job in Dubai. I am not sure what his role will be. Have you heard that?